Black Ops 4 Zombies: Ancient Evil – How To Upgrade All 4 Wonder Weapons | Redeemed Hands Guide

It isn’t enough to just unlock the Fallen God Hand Wonder Weapons in Ancient Evil, you have to earn the upgraded versions if you want to make progress in the secret Easter egg quest. There are hidden methods to upgrade every Wonder Weapon in Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, and the tradition continues as you explore the ruins of Delphi.

This is a continuation of our guide for all four ‘Fallen’ Wonder Weapons. The God Hands were pretty easy to unlock alone. All you had to do was find a hidden Dormant Hand, then plug those hands into one of the four altars around the map. Kill zombies on the altar circles, and you’d earn yourself a Wonder Weapon. Upgraded the hands into ‘Redeemed’ versions is a whole lot harder.

There is no one way to unlock the upgrades. Each God Hand requires a different quest to complete. We’re still working on the details.

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 How To Upgrade All 4 Wonder Weapons | Redeemed Hands Guide

[Work-in-Progress: We’re still learning about the secret steps that each Wonder Weapon upgrade requires. Check back soon for more info and revisions!]

There are four different God Hand Wonder Weapons — Fallen Hand of Ouranos / Gaia / Charon / Hemera. To acquire one of the four hands, collect a Dormant Hand (hidden in vases / dirt / rocks with purple glows) and use one of the four ritual sites. Learn more about the God Hands in the full guide linked above.

Once you acquire one of the Fallen Hands, you can unlock more powerful Redeemed Hand versions. These enhanced Wonder Weapons are unlocked by completing special, secret challenges.

How To Upgrade The Fallen Hand of Ouranos

With the Fallen Hand of Ouranos, go to the Center of the World room in the Pack-a-Punch area. You need to find three arrows around the map — using the Hand, knock zombies into the arrows. That will cause two feathers to spawn — you need to shoot each feather twice.

When all three feathers are placed in the Ouranos Shrine, a portal will open. Enter the portal and complete the ritual to earn the Redeemed Hand of Ouranos.

How To Upgrade The Fallen Hand of Charon

With the Fallen Hand of Charon, travel to the Odin Perk Machine in the Pack-a-Punch area, in the river where you first land. Kill zombies with the Fallen Hand of Charon near the Odin machine until it is charged.

When you complete this step, duck down and ‘drink’ from the water source. Just interact with the water when prone. After that, you’ll be able to search for hidden coins around the map — when you pick up a coin, place it in the Charon Shrine.

The coins that spawn are randomly real or fake. You won’t be able to tell the difference, so just keep collecting coins and depositing them until you complete this step. When the portal opens, go inside to complete the trial.

How To Upgrade The Fallen Hand of Gaia

To complete this trial, you need to use any bullet-based weapon to shoot plants covered in red crystals. There are three plants you need to target specifically. Shoot all the red crystals off, and you’ll be able to collect seeds.

Take the seeds to the Altar of Gaia and deposit them. Deposit all three seeds to open the portal at the Altar in the Spartan Monument. Complete the ritual to unlock the hand.

How To Upgrade The Fallen Hand of Hemera

With the Fallen Hand of Hemera, you need to find and shoot three mirrors around the map. When the mirrors are exactly aligned, you can shoot the mirrors with a light orb from the Hand of Hemera. The light will ricochet off the mirrors, and land in a bowl.

Once the light lands in the bowl correctly, melee the bowl with the Hand of Hemera. Melee the Altar of Hemera at the Monument of Craterus to activate the shrine — move fast or the light orb will disappear.

You need to do this with all three mirrors, and transfer the light using the Fallen Hand of Hemera. Do all three, and a portal will open. Enter the portal to complete the ritual.

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