Black Ops 4 Zombies: Blood of the Night – How To Get The Gold Scalpel | Easter Egg Guide


Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Zombies just doesn’t stay down — the undead corpse of maps we thought were complete just keep shambling back to life. We’re returning to Blood of the Night, and digging into one of the Easter eggs that wasn’t solved until just recently. No, this isn’t a “new” Easter egg, it really just took this long to solve it. Partially, that’s because a few bugs have been fixed, so fans (finally) have the proper steps to actually unlock the Golden Spork, minus the glitches.

Whatever the reason, the Golden Scalpel — or Golden Shiv — is another Easter egg you can access by tracking down a variety of gems, charging them, and smelting everything together. The Golden Scalpel / Knife / Shiv isn’t really any stronger than the Golden Spork, but it does have mysterious new features. The community have already discovered that placing the knife in certain locations causes strange effects. Is this going to lead to even more Easter eggs? I have no idea, I’m just reporting what I’ve seen.

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How To Get The Gold Scalpel | Easter Egg Guide

The Golden Spork can be upgraded — instead of a standard spork, it becomes a Golden Scalpel with a variety of strange, secret uses. We don’t yet know what else the Gold Scalpel can be used for, but we do know it’s very powerful and will one-hit-kill zombies to even higher rounds.

Step #1: Get The Golden Spork

To get the Golden Spork, follow the steps in the complete guide below.

To actually collect the Golden Spork from the Water Tower, you’ll need to properly solve the Easter egg by shooting the four metal hinges on the Water Tower.

When you properly shoot all four, the water tower will partially crumble — then you can throw the Hell’s Redeemer at the base of the tower and collect the Golden Spork. You can use any bullet weapon to shoot the large hinges on the metal structure of the water tower.

Step #2: Place The Spork In The Blood Sink

Go to the New Industries tunnel and find a sink filled with water. There’s a ribcage inside the tunnel. Melee kill 100~ or so zombies near this sink.

Kill enough zombies and a sound will play. Interact with the sink, and a skeleton hand will appear from the blood-red water. It will take your Golden Spork and sink back under.

Step #3: Collect & Charge The Gems

Next, you’ll need to find three gem stones that can only be collected with the Hell’s Redeemer.

  • Gem #1: On the small roof to the left of the entrance to the Warden’s House. Look between the office / Warden’s House in Eagle Plaza. It’s on the corner of the small roof with the unreachable closed door.
  • Gem #2: Outside the window in D-Block, in the hallway near the library. Look outside and throw the Redeemer at the ground near the tall crate.
  • Gem #3: Use a charged shield attack to charge the crane at the Docks to move the fishing net, then throw the Hell’s Redeemer at the net to get the last gem.

Next, you’ll need to place the gems at three trap locations around the map. Hold Interact to place the Gem right at the center of the trap — where zombies are killed. You’ll need to charge the gems by getting 100~ zombie trap kills.

  • Trap #1: Cafeteria Acid Trap
  • Trap #2: New Industries Spinning Saws Trap
  • Trap #3: Sally Port Buzzsaw Trap

When you get enough kills, the gem will begin to glow and you’ll hear a ringing noise. Collect each of the gems after charging them.

Step #4: Get The Gold 

To find the final item we need, use the fast-travel grate — go from the Cafeteria to the Transverse Tunnel. Immediately after exiting the flight, turn around and look through the open grate. Throw the Hell’s Redeemer at the gold (just slightly visible in the upper-right corner) before the grate closes.

Instead of flying back into your inventory, you’ll need to collect it. The gold will appear in the crud nearby — look at the ground to find it and pick it up.

Step #5: Craft The Golden Scalpel

Travel back to New Industries and interact with the heavy machinery to place all the items you’ve collected. The machine will smash everything together, and produce the Golden Scalpel. Grab it and you’ll automatically use it for all melee attacks.

Of course, the Golden Spork was a 1-hit kill melee weapon. What makes the scalpel special? Players are still trying to figure that out. If more secrets are revealed, we’ll talk about them in a future guide.¬†