Black Ops 4 Zombies: Ancient Evil – How To Build The Apollo’s Will Shield | Parts Locations

Arm yourself with a period-appropriate weapon in Ancient Evil, the next DLC Zombies map for Black Ops 4. This time, you’ll be able to create a powerful hoplite shield / spear combo called Apollo’s Will. The weapon protects you, and also serves as a powerful ranged weapon. You even get 15 spears you can throw before running dry. If you run out of spears, you can resupply by repairing the shield at the crafting station in the Marketplace.

The three parts spawn in randomized locations, but this time around they’re pretty easy to locate. There are (seemingly) just two locations for each part. One of them will always drop from the intimidating multi-armed boss zombie, but the others you’ll have to find on your own. We’ve listed all the locations in the complete guide below, along with pictures in the gallery showing where to go to get each part.

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How To Build The Apollo’s Will Shield | Parts Locations


The Apollo’s Will is a powerful shield / spear combo you can craft in the Marketplace workbench. To build it, you’ll need to find three parts — the strap, the shield, and the spear.

Part #1: The Strap

The Strap is found on the Upper Road, on the small bridge’s wall, near the statues. It can also spawn on the rocks at the source of the creek, under the bridge.

Part #2: The Shield

The Shield part is dropped by the six-armed boss monster. To summon it early, use the Sentinel Artifact in the Amphitheater, then collect the Goldel Bridle from one of the two rooms — you’ll find it on a pedestal in the Stoa of the Athenians, or the Intersection of Treasuries.

Part #3: The Spear

The Spear part spawns in the Stoa of the Athenians, or in the Intersection of Treasuries. Look for a spear part leaning against the wall.

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