Black Ops 4 Zombies: Ancient Evil – How To Create The Thunder Strike | Pegasus Weapon Guide

The Thunder Strike is a special super-weapon you can unleash in Ancient Evil, another map in the Black Ops 4: Zombies series. Instead of throwing a grenade or shooting a gun, the Thunder Strike is a staff you can plant in the ground. When planted, it summons a powerful Pegasus that blasts any zombies in the area with lightning. If you’re defending a spot and want to stay alive, this is one of the best options — and it looks really cool, too.

Below, I’ll explain all the steps to unlock the Thunder Strike. It’s pretty straightforward — you need to unlock the Pegasus, then travel to the Pack-a-Punch area. In this extra area that’s outside the normal map, you can find three components. Combine the three components at the blue forge, and you’ll unlock the Thunder Strike at the Mystery Box. Then it’s all up to the luck of the draw.

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How To Create The Thunder Strike | Pegasus Weapon Guide


The Pegasus / Thunder Strike is a power Wonder Weapon that you can craft at the blue forge in the Cliff Ruins area. To unlock it, you’ll need to unlock the Pegasus and locate three special crafting parts.

Step #1: Unlocking The Pegasus

To unlock the Pegasus, travel to the Amphitheater and interact with the Sentinel Artifact. Fight the waves of skeletons and zombies that spawn while you’re trapped in the arena, and wait for the Pegasus to arrive and free you.

Now you can ride the Pegasus. Travel to the Intersection of Treasuries / Stoa of the Athenians and collect the Golden Bridle from the pedestal. This will summon a six-armed boss to spawn.

With the Golden Bridle, go to the Spartan Monument and interact with the blue circle under the Pegasus to ride her.

Step #2: Finding The Pegasus Strike Parts

The Pegasus Strike parts are all located around the Pack-a-Punch area where the Pegasus takes you. This extended area can only be escaped by freeing two birds from cages — learn more in the full Pack-a-Punch guide linked above.

After riding the Pegasus, search the area for three special crafting parts. Once you find them all, place them at the crafting station in the Cliff Ruins, which is the blue glowing forge.

  • Part #1: River of Sorrow – Beside the fallen tree trunks.
  • Part #2: Python Pass – At the base of the steps, right where the snake-like meat passage begins.
  • Part #3: Cliff Ruins – On the ground, leaning against one of the massive pillars.

Collect all three parts and place them at the blue forge to finish construction of this explosive artifact. Now you can summon the Pegasus Strike to blast groups of zombies. The weapon itself is only available from the Mystery Box.

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