Black Ops 4 Zombies: Ancient Evil – How To Unlock The God Hands | All 4 Wonder Weapons Guide

The resident Wonder Weapons of Ancient Evil are the ‘God’ Hands — four elemental weapons you can unlock by completing rituals. Like other Black Ops 4: Zombies maps, I have to assume each of these God Hand wonder weapons have specific uses for the main Easter egg, but for now let’s talk about what it takes to unlock each one.

The method for unlocking the God Hands is the same. To choose the type of God Hand you want, all you have to do is locate one of the four ritual sites. The ritual sites will unlock once you discover a hidden Dormant Hand, which there are several around the map emitting purple energy. Grab one and charge it at the corresponding got ritual site with zombie souls to unlock your first elemental Wonder Weapons.

Upgrading them? That’s going to take a little bit of extra effort. For now, we’re just digging into the first steps.

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How To Unlock The God Hands | All 4 Wonder Weapons Guide


To unlock a God Hand Wonder Weap

on, you need to locate a special ‘Dormant Hand‘ located somewhere in the environment. There are multiple hands that spawn in random locations. You can only hold one hand at a time.

  • Dormant Hands are hidden in vases, under dirt, or other hiding spots. To reveal the hand, you need to melee attack the spot with a purple glow.

Look for purple glows in the following locations. There may be more locations — keep an eye out!

  • Dormant Hand Locations:
    • Stoa of Athenians
    • Intersection of Treasuries
    • Spartan Monument
    • Python Pass
    • Center of the World

After collecting the Dormant Hand, you can create a Fallen Hand of Gaia / Charon / Hemera / Ouranos. Take the Dormant Hand and place it at the ritual site at the following locations.

  • Hand of Gaia Ritual: Located at the Spartan Monument.
  • Hand of Charon Ritual: Located at the Python Pass.
  • Hand of Hemera Ritual: Located at the Monument of Craterus.
  • Hand of Ouranos Ritual: Located at the Center of the World.

Once you activate a ritual, you’ll need to kill zombies within the colored circle. You’ll be trapped in a small area — kill zombies that glow that matching color to charge the ritual circle and complete the challenge.

For each ritual, you’ll unlock the Fallen Hand of whichever god you’ve selected. Each god has a different property. Try them all — each of the four hands can be upgraded into Redeemed Hands. Each type requires a different challenge, so I’ll save that for a different guide.

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