Black Ops 4: Zombies – How To Level Up Fast | XP Farming Guide

You don’t need a well organized team to earn XP in Black Ops 4: Zombies. All you need is a lot of ammo, and a nice place to hole-up. If you can survive until the high rounds, you’ll be rack up tons of kills. The more kills you get, the more XP you’ll earn — the trouble is that those zombies just keep getting faster and deadlier. There are still ways to make things easy.

Nope, you won’t need to learn training paths, or use convoluted glitches to earn tons of XP on maps. All you need to use is a built-in feature that you might not even know is possible. Instead of bringing in friends, you can summon the help of the AI. Sure, AI bots will steal your kills, but they’ll also watch your back and revive you if you die. There are benefits to using robot friends, and one of those benefits is a ton of easy XP.

How To Level Up Fast | XP Farming Guide


To farm XP in Black Ops 4: Zombies, you’ll just need to jump online. Go to the standard “Zombies” and choose to add bots to your group. You can add up to three to your team.

Bots will steal kills from you, but they make surviving the later rounds much easier solo. Bots will revive you when you’re downed (if they aren’t busy) and are pretty efficient at killing zombies. They’re also surprisingly tough and powerful.

There are a few simple, straightforward farming spots you can use with a team of bots. It’s always best to bring a full squad of three bots — the more bots, the more they’ll defend you. You’ll get a ton of kills once you get the Wonder Weapons or Pack-a-Punch, so don’t worry about those early-round zombies that bots will steal from you.

  • Bring 3 bots into ‘Blood of the Dead‘ and reach the Warden’s House past the office and Eagle Plaza.
    • Play on Hardcore, and equip Deadshot + Stronghold.
  • Purchase the Titan LMG at the top of the stairs and camp out. Just sit and keep shooting zombies to earn endless XP.
  • You’ll also want to upgrade weapons with PaP and get Wonder Weapons or upgrades. It helps to do it before you decide to just camp out, but you can go out and get things in any order.

At the top of the stairs, you’ll have easy access to Titan LMG ammo, and plenty of defense against zombie hordes. Your bots and you should be able to take out anything that comes at you — unless you run out of ammo, or Brutus shows up.

For easy XP, you can also aim to complete Headshot / Calling Card challenges. Just complete these challenges, get to Round 30~ or so, and collect your XP.

When playing with a full team of bots, zombies are tougher and more numerous. Zombies that spawn when four players are present give you more XP per kill. At first, the bots will take lots of kills from you, but eventually you’ll be able to arm-up and unlock a powerful arsenal. Don’t forget that the bots will (sometimes) unlock barriers for you.

You can also farm (fairly easily) in the elevator on ‘Classified’, or at the bottom of the steps in ‘Voyage of the Damned’. It’s your call, but ‘Blood of the Dead’ is one of the simpliest.

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