Black Ops 4 Zombies: Ancient Evil – How To Complete The Main Easter Egg Quest | Full Step-By-Step Guide

It didn’t take long, but the ingenious Black Ops 4 Zombies community has already figured out the steps for the Ancient Evil Easter egg quest. These puzzling quests usually take days to solve, but the dedicated streaming community has put together the pieces and (mostly) deduced how to complete this crazy Easter egg quest. This time around, you’ll ride a Pegasus, complete rituals for the gods, play shooting gallery in the amphitheater, and face off against an evil Perseus.

For once, the steps are (relatively) straightforward, but we couldn’t fit everything you need to know on a single page. Check the guides linked in each section below for more details on certain individual puzzles. Along with the main Easter egg quest, you’ll also have to create upgraded ‘Redeemed’ Wonder Weapons to solve the major puzzles. You’ll also need the Apollo’s Will shield, and the pieces for a powerful staff called the Thunder Strike. We’ve got all the steps below.

How To Complete The Main Easter Egg Quest | Full Step-By-Step Guide

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The main Easter egg of Ancient Evil leads to a secret final boss encounter, and an ending cinematic. To complete it, you’ll need to play online in Standard Mode — you cannot use mutators. Like all Easter Eggs, you’ll need to unlock the Pack-a-Punch for the first step.

Before beginning this quest, you’ll need to do some setup. You’ll need the Apollo’s Will Shield, and the Redeemed God Hand Wonder Weapons. Learn more about unlocking both with the following guides.

You can work on unlocking the Shield and Redeemed Wonder Weapons while completing the first true step of the Easter egg quest.

Step #1: Light The Oil With Blue Fire

To obtain Blue Fire, you’ll need to complete 2 Oracle Tributes. In the Spawn Room, interact with the Oracle to begin a challenge — complete 2 Tributes at Epic rank and the central Apollo’s Temple flame will burn blue.

Obtain the Apollo’s Will shield / spear and melee attack the blue flame. The blue flame will spread to the spear. Now you can light three oil puddles around the map. Throw a spear from the Apollo’s Will at the oil puddles at the following locations — Upper Road / Spartan Monument / Intersection of Treasuries.

Step #2: Shoot The Glowing Eyes

Travel to the Spartan Monument with the Redeemed Hand of Charon. Shoot the ground with the Hand of Charon to activate a mini-game; the statues in the area will glow red around the eyes. Shoot each statue with an uncharged shot from the Hand of Charon when they light up.

Step #3: Activate The Cog Wheels

There are hidden cog wheels behind walls around the map. Shoot the walls with standard weapons to reveal the machinery. You’ll find hidden walls that can be destroyed to reveal cog machinery at the following locations — Intersection of Treasuries, Stoa of the Athenians and Spartan Monument.

There are a total of four cog wheels. Find three and throw Apollo’s Will spears at the cogs to ‘fix’ the machinery. When the machinery is activated, statues at the Stoa of the Athenians will rotate. Rotate all three statues so that they face inward.

Find the last gearbox at the Stoa of the Athenians and activate it with an Apollo’s Will spear throw to complete this step.

Step #4: Place The Scepter Of Ra

To gain the Scepter of Ra, you’ll need to locate a red chaos crystal containing an Ankh in the Intersection of Treasuries. Lure a Gegenees boss zombie to the location and trick it into shooting the chaos crystal with a shield stun blast. The ankh will be free and can now be collected.

Place the ankh and the Redeemed Hand of Hemera in the Statue of Ra. A beam of light will appear — defend the statue as incoming Skeletons appear. They’ll try to disrupt the ceremony. Go to the beam’s target location to find a chamber has been blown open. You can now collect the Scepter of Ra from the blast site.

Like the other items, place the Scepter of Ra onto the Statue of Ra.

Step #5: Complete The Danu Ritual

Go to the Statue of Danu in the Offering of the Attalids room. Spot a symbol on the wall to the left of the Danu Statue, and shoot the symbol with the Redeemed Hand of Gaia.

More symbols will appear around / above the Danu Statue. Shoot each one with the Redeemed Hand of Gaia that lights up. You’ll need to shoot 1, then 2, then 3 — after three, a Gegenees boss will spawn. Kill the Gegenees and collect the staff it drops.

Place the pole on the circular dais in the Offering of the Attalids room. To activate the sundial, you need to lure an electric elemental Catalyst onto the sundial and kill it. This will cause dials to begin turning. Activate the dial / staff when the blue symbol appears. If you miss, you’ll have to restart the puzzle from the beginning.

Stop each dial on the blue symbol to complete the ritual.

Step #6: Win The Shooting Gallery

All four players need to collect Redeemed Hands and travel to the interior room of the Amphitheater. There, you’ll find four colored spots. Players must navigate to the color spot that matches their God Hand Wonder Weapon.

When all four players are in the right spots, you’ll begin the shooting gallery mini-game. Spots will appear in the Amphitheater — stand on them, and shoot the zombies that appear. Hit the matching colors with standard / charged shots from each God Hand.

The spots will appear randomly, so be prepared to rush to the spot and begin the game. You have 5 chances to complete the mini-game. If there are five failures in a row, you’ll have to restart on the next round.

Complete 3 out of 5, and you’ll complete the shooting gallery challenge.

Step #7: Summon The Ballista

Travel to the River of Sorrows in the Pack-a-Punch area, and look for a strange door right of the Spitfire wallbuy. Take note of the symbols as they appeared in the opening cutscene — watch / record the cutscene carefully, and you’ll see symbols that match the symbols on the door.

You need to shoot the symbols in the order that the opening cutscene showed. Once activating the symbol, the player currently with Stanton Shaw’s model must interact with the door to unlock it and trigger a cutscene.

After that, go to the top of the steps at the River of Sorrows and place the Thunder Strike on the blue symbol.

Placing the Thunder Strike and summoning the Pegasus will cause a ballista to appear at the base of the steps.

Step #8: Open The Boss Portal

To open the portal to the final boss of this map, stand on the blue symbol (at the top of the River of Sorrows steps, where you placed the Thunder Strike) and fire charged shots from the Redeemed Hand of Ouranos. This will turn the ballista — keep doing it until it faces the giant python.

Next, you need to charge the ballista shot with energy. Return to the Spawn Room and light the Apollo’s Spear with blue fire, then run through an active Poison Trap in Python Pass with the shield / spear equipped. This will add a poison, dripping effect to the spear.

Melee the ballista with the charged / poisoned spear to make it fire. Now, you can find a portal unlock at the egg in the Center of the World room.

Step #9: Defeat The Boss

Interact with the portal as a team to enter the final arena. The battle in Olympus starts with the Pegasus — shoot the majestic Pegasus until it drops. When it’s on the ground, blast it with your Specialist Super Weapon. After multiple rounds of knocking the Pegasus down and blasting it, parts of the Olympus arena will become corrupted.

Go to the last room — Columns — and face off against Perseus. He’ll begin attacking. Perseus will summon lightning bolts and teleport to them. Shoot Perseus until he falls to one knee. Just keep shooting him while he’s down (again, use Specialist Super Weapons) to defeat him. It’s that straightforward.

When Perseus dies, he drops a key. The cutscene will begin after Perseus is defeated.

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