Top Upcoming PlayStation 4 Exclusives of 2019

Note: This article was updated in March of 2019.

The PlayStation 4 library is not slowing down within 2019 as there are several great video game titles releasing giving fans an incentive to keep playing their console or even pick one up if you haven’t already purchased a unit.

We’re certainly keeping our eyes open for exclusive title releases on the PlayStation 4 and there’s bound to be a growing list of titles as we gear towards 2019. As such, we’ll continue to update this list with new information and video game titles so make sure to check back often.

For now, here are our picks for the best upcoming PlayStation 4 exclusives of 2019.

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Final Fantasy 7 Remake
  • Developer: Square Enix Business Division 1
  • Publisher: Square Enix
  • Platforms: PS4
  • Release: TBA

Final Fantasy VII was a massive deal when it first launched on the original PlayStation. The video game was not only a big hit within the entire Final Fantasy franchise, but it was a massive success gaining worldwide attention from those who were not already fans of the dominant RPG series.

Over the years since its initial release, fans have been asking for a reboot of this much-beloved game and while hints and rumors started to spread out that this fabled reboot was in the works, nothing ever materialized.

However, once Sony moved onto their fourth console generation, the grand announcement that so many fans have been waiting for came at E3 2015. Final Fantasy VII was finally receiving its much-deserved remake, giving the game not only an update visually by mechanically.

While information for the game is rather sparse at the moment, we do know that combat will be more action-RPG based and that the game is actually releasing as an episodic adventure instead of delivering fans with a complete release.

Concrete Genie
  • Developer: Pixelopus
  • Publisher: Sony Interactive Entertainment
  • Platforms: PS4
  • Release: 2019

Concrete Genie is an upcoming PlayStation 4 video game title by developers Pixelopus. The video game follows a bullied teenager named Ash who lives in a town close to being completely abandoned due to pollution. Within the story, Ash finds that his paintings can come to life. Players will be using the DualShock 4 motion sensor to create landscapes and friends for Ash all the while taking care of the bullies and possibly preventing the pollution from taking over the town.

MediEvil Remake
  • Developer: Other Ocean Interactive
  • Publisher: Sony Interactive Entertainment
  • Platforms: PS4
  • Release: 2019

MediEvil is a classic PlayStation title that was released all the way back in 1998. It’s an action-adventure title that followed an ancient battle between an evil sorcerer and a kingdom. Using his magic abilities, the evil sorcerer was able to craft an undead army to his aid though early into the story our protagonist who attempted to stop the sorcerer was slain down by an arrow. Years later the evil sorcerer once again reclaimed an army of the dead where players are resurrected once again and must attempt to stop the sorcerer again.

Sony revealed that MediEvil was receiving a remake in 2017. Unfortunately, news has been pretty scarce in regards to what all we can expect from the title, though it’s still slated to launch at some point this year exclusively on the PlayStation 4.