Top Upcoming Third-Person Video Games Of 2019

Note: This article was updated in May of 2019.

With 2019 coming up, now’s a good of time as ever to start tracking down what video game titles to keep an eye on. There are already several highly anticipated video game titles announced for the upcoming year, but if you’re looking to get some third-person video games in particular then we suggest taking a look at our list below.

We have listed down some of our top upcoming third-person video game titles to launch in 2019. You’ll want to keep this list bookmarked as we’ll continue to update it after new game announcements and updates.

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Yakuza 5

  • Developer: Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio
  • Publisher: Sega
  • Platforms: PS3, PS4
  • Release: TBD 2019 PS4

The Yakuza series has been doing plenty in terms of remasters and remakes. Not only are we getting new installments to the franchise and a new spin-off title called Judgment which is coming out later this year, but it also appears that Sega is looking at bringing out a newly remastered edition to Yakuza 5. Originally, Yakuza 5 released back in 2012 for the PlayStation 3 where it continued on the narrative adventure players have been following for years. So far the remastered edition is coming out with an improved resolution but it only has a release date for Japan at the moment. We’re still waiting to see if this game will see a launch in Western markets before the end of the year but for now, it looks like the game will release on June 20, 2019, within Japan.


  • Developer: BioWare
  • Publisher: Electronic Arts
  • Platforms: PC, PS4, XBO
  • Release: March 2019

BioWare will soon have their next video game release available to the masses in 2019. Anthem is an upcoming RPG set in the future where humanity has begun to colonize other planets. Within the game players take on the role of a Freelancer, this is someone who is capable of exploring the open world freely.

With dangers lurking outside of the safety behind massive walls, Freelancers are a necessary task force that roams through the open world with the use of specialized suits known as Javelins. With these Javelins, Freelancers are capable of traversing great distances along with being able to fight against hostile enemies.

Gears of War 5

  • Developer: The Coalition
  • Publisher: Microsoft Studios
  • Platforms: XBO, PC
  • Release: 2019

The next chapter of the Gears of War saga will be releasing in 2019. Gears of War 5 will follow Kait Diaz, a member of the COG Army that has been suffering from a series of nightmares. It’s within these nightmares that Kait feels the need to seek out their meaning which may reveal the true origins of the Locust.

Likewise, the game is still very much a cover-based shooter where players must fight off a slew of enemies carefully. Cooperative gameplay is also another element we expect to make an appearance with the fifth installment to the franchise. However, since the game was only revealed during this E3 2018 press conference, we’re still waiting for new information to be released for the game.

Resident Evil 2

  • Developer: Capcom
  • Publisher: Capcom
  • Platforms: PC, XBO, PS4
  • Release: January 25, 2019

The Resident Evil franchise has been a popular series for decades and it’s also credited to be one of the first few franchises to help pave the way for the survival horror franchise. Resident Evil 2 is currently being remade giving players another chance to go back into the infested Raccoon City with an overhaul in visuals.

Outside of the visual upgrades, the remake for Resident Evil 2 will have some slight changes in regards to gameplay mechanics. No longer will the game suffer from the “tank” controls the original game was known for. Additionally, the development team at Capcom had opted to switch out the cameras to offer more of an over-the-shoulder style view that will put players closer into the action.

Days Gone

  • Developer: SIE Bend Studio
  • Publisher: Sony Interactive Entertainment
  • Platforms: PS4
  • Release: 2019

Days Gone is an upcoming third-person action-adventure title set in the post-apocalypse. After a zombie-like virus has flooded the world, humanity is left in shambles leaving small communities and groups scavenging to survive.

Players take on the role of a former bounty hunter named Deacon St. John who now uses his skills and abilities to survive as he drifts from different communities. Developers SIE Bend Studio has stated that the game would offer a few different means of completing objectives such as going in full force and attacking the enemies head-on or using your wit and complete the mission through the use of stealth.

Furthermore, the game also features a day-night cycle similar to the Dying Light franchise. Essentially, the zombie-like creatures will be more lethargic during the day but once nightfall hits, players will be forced to fight off stronger and more aggressive enemies.

Kingdom Hearts III

  • Developer: Square Enix
  • Publisher: Square Enix
  • Platforms: PS4, XBO
  • Release: January 29, 2019

Kingdom Hearts will soon finally have its third major installment released into the market in 2019. Within the game, players will once again take on the role of Sora as he battles a series of evil heartless that has plagued different Disney themed worlds.

While the game will still retain many of the same action RPG mechanics the franchise is known for, the title will see some bigger worlds for players to explore. Additionally, because Kingdom Hearts II released over ten years ago, there is bound to be plenty of new worlds and Disney characters present within the game.

Tom Clancy’s: The Division 2

  • Developer: Massive Entertainment
  • Publisher: Ubisoft
  • Platforms: PC, PS4, XBO
  • Release: March 15, 2019

Tom Clancy’s: The Division 2 was unveiled during E3 2018. In this third-person shooter, The Division is up against the government. Months have passed since the first installment of the game where the government has started to order strict rules leaving innocent civilians to live in a harsh world filled with uncertainty.

This has sparked a new civil war, one in which The Division has sided with the civilians as they reclaim order. Gameplay seems to be similar to the first installment as you’ll find an emphasis in going through the campaign with friends. Likewise, we already know that there are DLC expansion packs slated to launch during the video game’s first year of launch. Each of the expansion packs will give players new story and activities to go through. Developers have also confirmed that everyone who purchases a copy of the game will receive the DLC packs completely free of charge.

World War Z

  • Developer: Saber Interactive
  • Publisher: Focus Home Interactive
  • Platforms: PC, PS4, XBO
  • Release: April 16, 2019

If you want a bit more chaotic action to your zombie game then we have to suggest looking at World War Z. This title focuses on more horde based zombies where players can work together and fend off a massive horde of undead. They are a bit fast in movement similar to what we’ve seen in the film based that bears the same name. Zombies even pile up to reach higher grounds which we imagine no area is really safe from being reached and attacked. Apparently throughout the game players can strategically place traps to thin out the herd of zombies and you’ll be taken to different locations around the world.

Crackdown 3

  • Developer: Reagant Games, Sumo Digital
  • Publisher: Microsoft Studios
  • Platforms: PC, XBO
  • Release: February 22, 2019

After waiting since 2010, we’re finally receiving a new installment to the Crackdown franchise. Crackdown 3 was first announced in 2014 where the game had been in development limbo until now where developers Ruffian Games have stated the third installment will, in fact, launch within 2019.

This is an action-packed third-person shooter with a highly destructible world for players to battle within. As for the narrative, Crackdown 3 picks up ten years after the events of Crackdown 2 where a new terrorist organization has successfully taken down the power across the entire world.

Much like the past two installments, Crackdown 3 will put players into the role of an agent who must track down and stop the terrorist organization. However, there is a competitive multiplayer mode if you wish to enjoy more of a non-stop action gameplay.

Judge Eyes

  • Developer: Sega
  • Publisher: Sega
  • Platforms: PC, PS4, XBO
  • Release: 2019

Sega has been teasing a new IP for a while now stating that the developers who were behind the popular Yakuza series have been working on a brand new IP. This project has apparently been in the works for over three years but we’re only just now getting a look at the game. Gamers can expect Judge Eyes to release next year.

There are still plenty of details that Sega is holding away from the public at the moment but during a PlayStation Lineup Tour event, Sega unveiled Judge Eyes. The game follows a lawyer who is seeking out clues in order to get at the bottom of a crime. Being that this is the development team who was also responsible for bringing out the Yakuza series, you can expect a similar combat system.

For instance, the gameplay footage showcased does follow our protagonist fighting a group of enemies with hand-to-hand combat. We’re unsure if this game will also see any action taking place in a courthouse much like the Ace Attorney series.

For now, we only know a brief synopsis of Judge Eyes along with some gameplay footage.

Shenmue III

  • Developer: Neilo, Ys Net
  • Publisher: Deep Silver
  • Platforms: PC, PS4
  • Release: August 27, 2019

After what felt like eons of being stuck in development hell, Shenmue III will finally hit store shelves in August of 2019. This game has had a cult following for years with the first two titles being one of the more treasured video game titles of its time despite being a commercial failure.

Years later Yu Suzuki, series creator, unveiled Shenmue III during an E3 conference in 2015. Seeking help from the fans, the development team was able to fund the game production where players will follow Ryo Hazuki as he searches for his father’s killer.

Since the video game’s announcement, we have been hit with a few delays with the title most recently set for launch in 2018. However, a new delay that will supposedly allow the developers to further polish the game has pushed the game back until August of 2019 for the PC and PlayStation 4 platforms.

Just as before this third installment will be third-person though the combat is being tweaked. Ys Net is creating a new AI system for battling that will allow players to fight against enemies fluidly even if they are not familiar with fighting games. We’re interested in seeing how this adds to the immersion of playing the upcoming installment, but we’ll have to wait until August of 2019 just as long the game doesn’t suffer another delay.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

  • Developer: FromSoftware
  • Publisher: Activision
  • Platforms: PC, PS4, XBO
  • Release: March 22, 2019

FromSoftware, known best for their Souls series, has a brand new upcoming title known as Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. This is a third-person RPG title with brutal samurai-style swordplay. So far we know that the game will have players take the role of a shinobi who finds his lord was kidnapped. During the scuffle, our protagonist was left battered along with his arm severed.

Thanks to a busshi our shinobi manages to keep his life. In place of his missing arm is a prosthetic that players will be able to equip different gadgets and tools to use again enemies. While the developers FromSoftware may be best known for their Souls series lately, it appears that the Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice will be a bit different.

This is a stealth focused style video game and FromSoftware has confirmed that some of the more RPG elements featured in their past video games such as the Souls series will be dropped.  While you may have to stick to the shadows when possible, gameplay mechanics shown off so far has proved to be fluid and fast-paced with our protagonist using quick hack-and-slash combat to a grappling hook in order to reach new heights quickly.

Left Alive

  • Developer: Square Enix
  • Publisher: Square Enix
  • Platforms: PS4, PC
  • Release: 2019

Left Alive is an upcoming title being crafted up by some veterans of the video game industry. You have creators who had their hands in the Armored Core, Metal Gear Solid, to Xenoblade Chronicles series all working on this action survival game. This title will take place in the year 2127 at a war-torn Novo Slava where gamers will take the role of three different protagonists. According to Square Enix, these protagonists will showcase the human story of survival during the midst of an invasion though the play style will cater to a variety of gamers. For instance, players will be able to use stealth mechanics and avoid confrontation or head in guns blazing.

This is a third person shooter for the most part. Screenshots have since been released showcasing both action and stealth-based mechanics. Gameplay was also showcased during the Tokyo Game Show 2018 where players are shown to also take command of a mech which also seems to be a bigger element to the video game as well.


  • Developer: Remedy Entertainment
  • Publisher: 505 Games
  • Platforms: PC, PS4, XBO
  • Release: 2019

From the development team that has brought out the Max Payne franchise and Alan Wake comes their next big release, Control. The game acts much like their other line of video game titles as players will be going through the game as a third-person shooter. From what we know so far about the game, Remedy Entertainment is telling a story of a woman named Jesse Faden. Jesse was granted unexplained supernatural powers after a childhood traumatic experience and it’s her goal to finally get some questions answered about her past. Joining up with The Oldest House, a Federal Bureau headquarters that study supernatural phenomena, Jesse ends up dealing with more than she bargained for. A new otherworldly force has invaded The Oldest House leaving Jesse to fight back using any means necessary and perhaps at the end she’ll finally learn about her past.

As mentioned, this is a third-person shooter that players will be enjoying once it launches later this year. We don’t have too much footage released for the game yet, though, at E3 2018, gameplay was shown off which highlighted players the ability to use supernatural abilities which can allow players to use the environment towards their advantage. For instance, players can use the debris as a means to shield from gunfire to lifting up objects and hurling it at an enemy. Likewise, the weapon you will have throughout the game will be able to transform as you progress through the campaign which allows players to mod and make upgrades essentially changing the service weapon from something like a standard pistol to a shotgun.