Top Upcoming Zombie Video Games of 2019

Prepare for the undead as we’ll get a plethora of zombie-based video games in 2019. From remakes to brand new IPs and even sequels, here are the best upcoming zombie video games launching within the upcoming year. Check back often for new updates in terms of information, trailers and new video game announcements.

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The Last of Us Part 2

  • Developer: Naughty Dog
  • Publisher: Sony Interactive Entertainment
  • Platforms: PS4
  • Release:  TBA

The Last of Us was a massive success for development studio Naughty Dog and at no surprise, we’re getting a sequel. Fans can’t wait to revisit the world once again and of course the main protagonists. Luckily we already know that Joel and Ellie are making a return, but it seems that we’re not getting a direct sequel. Instead, The Last of Us Part 2 will take place a few years after the events of the first game.

We expect even more mutations that turn people into zombie-like creatures to face against. Furthermore, the trailer suggests that we’ll be dealing with more unusual and hostile human groups, but the flesh-eating creatures that roam the world seem to still be a massive problem.


Days Gone

  • Developer: SIE Bend Studio
  • Publisher: Sony Interactive Entertainment
  • Platforms: PS4
  • Release: 2019

Days Gone is an action-adventure game based on a zombie apocalypse. The video game is being developed under SIE Bend Studio, who you may be more familiar with from their Syphon Filter series. Within the game, players take on the role of a man named Deacon St. John who was once a bounty hunter.

Now that the world has lost most of humanity, Deacon St. John must use his bounty hunter skills to keep himself alive from the zombie creatures that flood the streets. Apparently, these zombie-like creatures have evolved into different species which may force players to deal with them in a particular way.

Additionally, we do know that the weather dynamic system within the game will play a crucial role. Depending on the in-game weather conditions, the zombie’s players face against may be drastically stronger. Furthermore, there will be alternate creatures that will be more aggressive during the night.

Resident Evil 2 Remake

  • Developer: Capcom
  • Publisher: Capcom
  • Platforms: PC, PS4, XBO
  • Release: January 25, 2019

Capcom was one of the development studios who helped paved the way for the survival horror genre with their release of Resident Evil. That franchise has grown to become a hit in video games, films and novels. However, if you’re looking to get back into the series roots then you may be struggling.

While certain titles within the franchise have gone on to receive their own HD remakes and overhauls, other titles like Resident Evil 2 has been left alone. That was until Capcom unveiled that Resident Evil 2 would see a high-definition remake of the game which will greatly improve visuals and gameplay mechanics since its initial 1998 release.

The game takes place just months after the events of the original Resident Evil video game where players are taking control of Leon S Kennedy and Claire Redfield who must escape Raccoon City. Likewise, this is an early title release of the Resident Evil franchise, making it more of a survival horror title with a focus on carefully executing tasks, hostile creatures and puzzle solving.

It was during E3 2018 that we got our first glimpse into this newly designed world of Resident Evil 2 and so far, we can’t wait to dive into the game when it officially releases in January of 2019.


Dying Light 2

  • Developer: Techland
  • Publisher: Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment
  • Platforms: PC, PS4, XBO
  • Release: 2019

Dying Light 2 will once again set players back into a world filled with zombies. In fact, the game will take place fifteen years into the apocalypse where much of humanity has been cut down to nothing. Only small areas remain for those who wish to seek refuge, but these places are often in control of different factions.

Within the game, players will be sent to one of these safe havens which is in constant battle between factions that demand control. Outside of exploration and fighting off the zombie threats, players will be dealing with these factions in however they see fit. Unlike the first title, there is more freedom of choice in going about missions.

Players may side with a faction or pin them against each other. Regardless, your decisions will result in consequences to the in-game world and likely narrative outcome.



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