Best Minecraft Nintendo Switch Seeds

Minecraft’s world is generated randomly, based on a series of “seeds” that populate the world with the necessary details to make up any Minecraft environment. It’s an almost unlimited game world based on algorithms that’ll make your mind explode if you try to think too hard about how the coders made it work. By default, the game grabs the current system time as the basic input for the starting values of a world and runs with that, but thankfully, seeds can be influenced and copied and pasted into Minecraft’s underlying code, allowing players to share the core worlds they play in.

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Best Minecraft Nintendo Switch Seeds

[NOTE: To enter a seed, input the BOLDED seed titles listed below into the Seed Generator.]

1.0.16 Seeds


In this seed there is a ton of great locations to venture into  with it mixing up both desert and plains. If you’re wanting a more traditional adventure style map then give this seed a go and visit some of the locations marked below. For instance right next to the village location, you will find a mineshaft and a stronghold.


  • 888,152

Desert Village

  • 600,36

Desert Temple

  • 680,280



This seed is a great starter point if you’re new to the game. Right next to spawn is a village that has a blacksmith. However, if you wish to venture out into the world you can find some interesting locations.

Ship Wreck

  • 353, 59, 38


  • 809, 115, 411

Desert Temple

  • 872, 90, -192

Desert Village

  • 1145, 91, 358



This seed is pretty unique as it puts players into a world which is divided. On one side you’ll have plains with a river dividing players from a badlands biome. Outside of having various chests and mineshafts, this is just a rather unique looking world with access to a variety of resources. We can imagine some pretty creative builds being crafted up with this unique world build.



This seed is actually been recommended a ton since it was discovered. The reason that this seed is so popular is that it spawns a massive village. Really, it’s a few different villages that connect to each other so you’ll essentially get a built up ton. As a result, you’ll get a great starting point to a new game.


Patch 16 Seeds


  • World Size: Classic
  • Biome Scale: Large
  • Generate Structures: Yes
  • Note: Survival island

One island with other smaller islands located in further out. Within the island you’ll have grass, dirt, sand, sugarcane, and lastly, a single tree. There are also a number of ocean monuments that should be easy to track down.

  • Ocean Monument: X169 Y74 Z127



  • World: Infinite
  • Better Together Version

Desert focused map with several temples, villages and underwater ruins. If you’re looking for a desert map with plenty locations to explore and build then this is definitely one to try out. While there is plenty to easily spot from the spawn location, we’ll include some highlights of this map below.

  • Village w/ Blacksmith: X2070 Y68 Z244
  • Desert Temple: X2922 Y65 Z1226
  • Stronghold: X920 Y34 Z-483
  • Shipwreck w/ Chest: X4198 Y34 Z-615
  • Woodland Mansion: X18122 Y65 Z13205
  • Witch Hut: X7284 Y66 Z6372
  • Igloo: X8211 Y64 Z3133
  • Swamp: X3626 Y63 Z2357



This is another survival island style map but with other island scattered about. The main spawn location does include a few trees to help you out along with their being ocean monuments not far out from the island. All-in-all this is a pretty great spot if you’re looking for a survival island challenge. With the added benefit of other islands scattered about, you can easily use this on a server with friends to build and trade resources.

  • Ocean Monument: X376 Y Z-345



This seed will feature a lush land full of mountains. There are also great Biomes such as A Mesa Biome and a Sunflower Plains Biome. Additionally, you’ll find three villages that are connected together.

  • Sunflower Plains: X120 Y64 Z60
  • Villages: X190Y 65 Z-500
  • Mineshaft: X365 Y56 Z-527
  • Witch Hut: X790 Y71 Z375



An interesting seed to explore will have you finding a rare spawn. Starting out on the seed walk down the coastline and you’ll come across a shipwreck on land. This includes a chests and a ravine. There will also be a ruin within the ocean by the shipwreck.



This seed will spawn players right by a giant mountain that features a village with a blacksmith. There are even some of the buildings connected right into the sides of the mountain making it rather unique. However, there is also a Witch hut within the swamp biome by spawn so right from the start of the game you’ll have a great location to work with.



This location is filled with villages some of which are rather unique with buildings built right into a giant mountain and interestingly enough there the end portal within the middle of a big lake. This lake is centered around a big island village as well making it a rather cool area to explore. However, if you make a Nether Portal by the lake you’ll end up near the Nether Fortress which makes the lake area one of the key aspects to this seed.

  • Village: X749 Y98 Z-339
  • Village: X1035 Y98 Z386
  • Village: X289 Y106 Z875
  • Village: X-222 Y103 Z853
  • Village: X75 Y97 Z385
  • Village Island Location: X-1605 Y115 Z-1730
  • Nether Fortress: X-216 Y85 Z-286