Best Minecraft Nintendo Switch Seeds

Minecraft’s world is generated randomly, based on a series of “seeds” that populate the world with the necessary details to make up any Minecraft environment. It’s an almost unlimited game world based on algorithms that’ll make your mind explode if you try to think too hard about how the coders made it work. By default, the game grabs the current system time as the basic input for the starting values of a world and runs with that, but thankfully, seeds can be influenced and copied and pasted into Minecraft’s underlying code, allowing players to share the core worlds they play in.

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Best Minecraft Nintendo Switch Seeds

[NOTE: To enter a seed, input the BOLDED seed titles listed below into the Seed Generator.]

1.0.16 Seeds


There is not too many areas worth venturing out to in this seed, but if you’re wanting a location with a nice looking village already built as a set piece then you  can’t go wrong with this seed. There are over a dozen houses built around in a village near some small mountains and rivers flowing nearby. Source of the seed can be found here.


This seed puts players near a village from spawn which includes two pillager outposts and ravines. It’s a great area to start off with as you have a village right in a flat clearing with forests and mountain terrains off in the distance. Seed source can be found here.


  • 230, 290
  • 540, -514


  • 100, 200
  • 650, -150


In this seed there is a ton of great locations to venture into  with it mixing up both desert and plains. If you’re wanting a more traditional adventure style map then give this seed a go and visit some of the locations marked below. For instance right next to the village location, you will find a mineshaft and a stronghold.


  • 888,152

Desert Village

  • 600,36

Desert Temple

  • 680,280



This seed is a great starter point if you’re new to the game. Right next to spawn is a village that has a blacksmith. However, if you wish to venture out into the world you can find some interesting locations.

Ship Wreck

  • 353, 59, 38


  • 809, 115, 411

Desert Temple

  • 872, 90, -192

Desert Village

  • 1145, 91, 358