A New Need For Speed Game Will Be Revealed Leading Up To Gamescom 2019

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For those of you who are not aware of Gamescom, this is an expo event much like E3. Developers big and small attend and show off just what will be coming out shortly. It’s also a great platform to alert the world of a brand new IP which may have been excluded during an E3 press conference. While we’re sure that there will be a few notable video games unveiled, we are getting alerts that new titles may be unveiled before the actual event. One of those notable titles that will be announced leading up to the event rather than at the event is EA’s next Need for Speed video game.

Need for Speed: Heat is the supposed leaked title for the upcoming game but that has not been confirmed fully at the moment. Instead, the official reveal and information regarding the title will not be told until a later date. That date won’t be too long after an announcement was made by EA during an earnings call. VG247 stated that during the call, EA revealed that the next installment to the Need for Speed IP would be made lading up to the Gamescom 2019 event.

We don’t have a specific date as to when we’ll get the announcement, but we do know that Gamescom starts on August 20, 2019, so it’s safe to assume it’ll happen mid-august. Likewise, this announcement may only come with a trailer with more details being revealed during the actual event, but that’s purely speculation. With that said, we’ll, of course, keep you posted on the very latest when the announcement is made. Currently, the latest installment to the franchise is Need for Speed Payback, a game that launched in 2017 for the PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One platforms.

Source: VG247, PlayStation LifeStyle