Black Ops 4 Zombies: Alpha Omega – Complete Easter Egg Guide | How To Fight The Final Boss

It’s the beginning and the end of Black Ops 4 Zombies. Alpha Omega ends the longest running Zombies mode storyline, and returns one of the most famous maps in the Call of Duty franchise. You’ll be able to fully explore Nuketown, fighting monsters from beyond time and space. And, of course, there’s a massive, complicated Easter egg quest to solve.

For casual players like me, this is the simplest Easter egg quest in a long time. A friendly computer system called Rushmore will lead you through most of the steps — it’s all about uncovering hidden codes and inputting them into the computer. Keep a notepad handy.

Also, if you’re curious, the Ray Gun Mk. II is not required to solve this Easter egg. For the double-curious, scroll down and check out the ending video.

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Complete Easter Egg Guide | How To Fight The Final Boss

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Step #1: Activate The Rushmore Computer

To begin the Easter egg quest, you’ll need to boot-up the Rushmore computer located in the first floor of Operations. It won’t start until after you’ve unlocked the Pack-a-Punch machine in the Beds (Bunker) and completely restored power.

NOTE: The Easter egg quest will only begin if you’re playing Online. The Rushmore computer system is exclusive — it won’t work in offline mode, or when using mutations.

Step #2: Input The Clock Code

Purchase the Galvaknuckles from the truck bed in the Cul-de-Sac. Travel down to the Beds (Bunker) room and kill a zombie near a TV showing static. Interact with the TV, and a series of numbers and letters will appear — the codes will appear in this format: A#### (Letter, x4 Numbers)

Take note of each code. Each house above ground has a letter symbol on the mailbox — the goal is to travel to each code house, and then input the number into the clock.

For example: C1245 — Go to the house marked “C” and input the time 12:45 into the clocks.

Input each code listed by the Beds (Bunker) television, then travel to the only house you haven’t input a clock code. Interact with the clock, and it will spin wildly — when it stops, take note of the time. Again, this time is a four number code. Input the code at the Rushmore number pad.

For example: The final clock stops at 4:15 — input the code 0415.

Step #3: Capture A Crawler

The computer will tell you to find a red Crawler as the next step. Find a glowing red Crawler and train him to the Transfusion Facility. If it dies, you won’t be able to complete this step.

Lead the red Crawler into the Transfusion Facility until you get a message from Rushmore. Go back to the computer and interact to begin the next step.

Step #4: Place The 115 Cannister

Travel to the Storage (Bunker) room and interact with the A.D.A.M. robot. Take A.D.A.M. to the entrance hallway between the Green House Backyard and the Diner (Bunker). With A.D.A.M., interact with the door — Marlton is on the other side, and they’ll give you a 115 Cannister.

Take the 115 Cannister and place it on a special shelf in the Transfusion Facility. Once it’s placed, you can return to Rushmore and interact again to begin the next step.

Step #5: Deliver The Power Core To Operations

Next, you’ll need to recharge the computers in Operations. To do that, you need to take a Power Core from the Power House to the Operations and deposit it on the visible server. You only have a limited time to place the Power Core — so you have to move fast.

Go to the Power House and train an electricity-infused Crawler. Have it shoot the server with a visible Power Core inside (it’s directly to the right of the map, between the map and the telepad) — if it gets hit with an electricity blast, you can remove the Power Core. Next, you’ll need to rush back to Operations. You can redo this step as many times as you need.

Place Telepad Amplifiers on the Power House telepad and the Site Entrance telepad.

Step #6: Get The Hidden Painting Codes

For this step, poison gas will start to pour from paintings all over the Bunker. You need to knock down three paintings and write down the three codes hidden behind them.

How To Knock Down The Paintings: Use Brain Rot with a Pack-a-Punched weapon on a zombie to mind-control it. Lead it to one of the poison paintings and the zombie will knock it down.

Paintings are located at the following locations:

  • Diner (Bunker)
  • Lounge (Bunker) — In the stairwell.
  • Beds (Bunker)

Collect the four digit codes, then input them into the number pad at Rushmore extremely quickly. If you input them fast enough, the power will go out across the map and the next step will begin.

Step #7: Restore Power

The lights are now out. You’ll need to flip six switches in the Bunker area — one in each room. The goal is to flip the switches in the correct order so that all the lights above the switch turn green.

  • Power Switch Locations:
    • Beds
    • Lounge
    • Diner
    • Generator
    • Solitary
    • Storage

When all the switches are flipped and the lights are green, travel to the Power House and flip the switch again to restore power to the map. With the power back on, interact with Rushmore again.

Step #8: Collect the Mannequin Parts & Unlock The

Around the map, you’ll find glowing robot mannequins. When everyone in the team interacts with the glowing blue mannequin, a defense lockdown event will begin. Survive until the mannequin shatters and you can collect the part.

Repeat this step three times and collect all three parts — two arms and a head. Place the parts on the broken mannequin in the chair in APD Interrogation.

Return to Rushmore and interact to begin the final step — collect the Elemental Orb. The orb will spawn somewhere randomly on the map. Defend and escort it — return to the completed mannequin at APD Interrogation and the final boss will be unlocked.

Step #9: The Final Boss

To activate the final boss, every player in your team needs to interact with the computer screens in APD Control. This will initiate the final boss against the Avogadro.

Stage #1: There’s a Soul Canister in APD Control. Kill Mannequins near the Soul Canister to charge it — when it is fully charge, the APD will open and unleash the Avogadro.

Stage #2: A nuke will explode above ground, trapping your team inside the bunker. The Avogadro will chase you, but can’t be destroyed yet. Instead, you need to travel around the map and charge Soul Canisters in four areas: Storage, Beds, Lounge, and Diner.

Go find the empty Soul Canisters — when you find one, enter the room with all players then interact with the canister to select it. Charge it with souls until the room fills with energy. Go to all four locations and charge the canisters while avoiding the Avogadro.

Stage #3: Return to APD Control and aim to shoot the Avogadro back into the APD pyramid device. Keep shooting to knock it back into the open doorway and the boss will be sucked inside.

After a short scene, you’ll be able to enter the chamber and collect the Elemental Shard, completing the Easter egg quest and unlocking the ending cutscene.

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