Black Ops 4 Zombies: Alpha Omega – How To Turn On The Power | First Step Guide

Complete the first step of every old-school Call of Duty: Zombies map — flipping on the power switch! Yes, we’re going back to that extremely old mechanic. It’s been around since the early days, and Black Ops 4: Zombies brings it back in Alpha Omega. Flipping on the power unlocks the doors to the underground bunker section and reactivates the vending machines in the area.

If you’ve seen the screenshots, you might recognize some similarities — Alpha Omega is set in Nuketown, one of the oldest and most remade maps in the Call of Duty franchise. You can even find a burnt out Nuketown (including underground bunkers) in the Blackout mode exclusive to Black Ops 4. There’s a lot of secrets to explore and new houses to investigate, along with a massive, complex Easter egg quest. Even if you’re not interested in that stuff, turning on the power is the easiest step, and one that’s necessary to check out every corner of the map. Learn how with the simple guide below.

How To Turn On The Power | First Step Guide

To access the Bunker and explore the second half of the Alpha Omega map, you’ll have to flip the power switch in the Power House. This is a classic Zombies map, so you’ll be accomplishing one of the most basic tasks on any old-school zombie map. The first step is always turning on the power.

How To Turn On The Power: To turn on power and activate the vending machines and open the doors to the bunker, you need to reach the Power House.

Go from the Security Checkpoint (Spawn) to the Site Entrance. From here, you can go to either Operations (right) or APD Interrogation (left). Follow either path to Center Street, then to the Cul-de-Sac. The Power House is at the end of the road.

Flip the massive switch in the Power House to begin a zombie dog wave. The dogs will spawn in from electricity bolts — they’re faster than normal zombies, but they aren’t quite as tough. Clear the dogs, and the power will be restored to the map.

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