Black Ops 4 Zombies: Alpha Omega – How To Unlock Telepads | Portal Parts Guide

The complete Telepad Amplifier schematic.

Fast travel is slightly more complicated in Alpha Omega, the packed Zombies Mode DLC map for Black Ops 4. Instead of simply paying points to travel around the map, you’ll need to construct telepads which fit specific slots around the map. You’ll only get two of these telepad amplifiers, so you’ll have to use them wisely. Learn everything you need to know in the full guide below.

Nuketown is back for another round. Alpha Omega is justly named — it’s the beginning and the end of Zombies as we know it. There might be another Zombies map waiting in the wings, but this is a throwback in every way. Old mechanics like Power return, along with the powerful Ray Gun Mk. II Wonder Weapon. There’s a lot to discover in this new version of the endlessly remixed Nuketown, so check the guides below for more details.

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How To Unlock Telepads | Portal Parts Guide
Here’s a map — all the white dots? Those are telepads.

The fast-travel teleporters are a little trickier to use this time around. To activate the telepads, you need the Telepad Amplifier item — crafting it will give you two amplifiers. You’ll then need to place one amplifier at each telepad you want to use.

You can only use the telepad once per round. It recharges on the next round. You can pick up and place the amplifiers as often as you want. To create the telepad amplifiers, you’ll need three parts — and a crafting station.

Telepad Amplifier Crafting Bench: Find the three parts in the locations below, then travel to the APD Control (Bunker) area to find the Crafting Bench.

Part #1: Transfusion Facility – The part will spawn randomly in one of three locations. All three areas are in the Transfusion Facility grounds. You can find it in the open locker, left of the front door — under the operating chair, or in the backyard.

Part #2: Green House – Like before, this part spawns randomly in one of three locations. You’ll find it near the front door, in the kitchen, or on the second floor balcony.

Part #3: Generator (Bunker) – The last part is in the Generator room of the Bunker. Find it in the back-left corner of the room, next to the blue barrels, or opposite the perk vending machine.

Get all three parts and construct at the APD Control crafting station. Now you can place the amplifiers on any of the telepads you want to use.

I recommend placing a telepad in the Power House or Site Entrance, then taking the second telepad with you — you can place it for quick escapes.

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