Black Ops 4 Zombies: Alpha Omega – How Get The Ray Gun Mk. II Frames | Wonder Weapon Guide

Welcome to Nuketown! Now get yourself a Ray Gun.

The original Wonder Weapon, the Ray Gun, returns in Black Ops 4 Zombies. The Ray Gun Mk. II is a tricky Wonder Weapon to unlock in Alpha Omega, with two step — or three — you’ll need to complete. Once you’ve got it, it’s a deadly weapon with four different forms and upgrades.

Naturally, the Ray Gun Mk. II and it’s many upgrades are useful when trying to solve the main Easter egg quest. They’re also just a whole lot of fun, and give you even more firepower to blast zombies up into the highest rounds. You can even drop the Ray Gun Mk. II into the Pack-a-Punch for an instant upgrade. The other enhancements? They’re so tricky, we’ll have to cover them elsewhere.

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How Get The Ray Gun Mk. II Frames | Wonder Weapon Guide

The Ray Gun Mk. II is a powerful Wonder Weapon you can only unlock in Online / Classis Mode. If you use Custom Modifiers, you’ll be locked out from acquiring the Ray Gun.

There are two major steps to unlock the Ray Gun — you need to collect three Crafting Parts, and charge TVs with zombie souls to unlock the Mk. II Frames.

The Ray Gun Mk. II Crafting Bench is located on the second floor of Operations.

Step #1: The Crafting Parts

You can complete this step at any time. Grab the three crafting parts and install them on the crafting bench in Operations, second floor.

Plastic Tubing: Yellow House – On a shelf on the second floor. On the table in the kitchen.

Metal Canister: Storage – On some barrels, to the right of the exit stairs. On the corner of the shelving unit.

White Liquid: Solitary – On the desk with the female mannequin. -OR- APD Control – Left of the main computers, or on the outer rim of the pyramid.

Step #2: The Mk. II Frames

To unlock the Mk. II Frames, you must first activate the first step of the Easter egg quest — the Rushmore Computer terminal. This computer is located in Operations — on the first floor, next to the backyard door.

After unlocking the Pack-a-Punch, interact with the computer to get a cutscene — after that, a number pad will appear. You need to input a four digit code to get the Mk. II Frames.

To get the numbers you need, find television sets with gray static images in four locations — Diner (Bunker), APD Control (Bunker), Yellow House Backyard, and the Site Entrance.

Travel to each TV set and interact with it. The image will change — now you can kill zombies nearby to charge the TV set. Charge it until a number appears — whatever order you do them in is the code for the Rushmore computer in Operations.

Return and input your four digit code. A cabinet with the Mk. II Frames will unlock if you input the code correctly — grab the parts and use them on the Crafting Bench on the second floor of Operations. Now you can collect the Ray Gun Mk. II — and upgrade it in a variety of ways. One of the easiest is simply depositing the Ray Gun into the Pack-a-Punch.

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