The BEST RPGs Of 2018 | Our Favorite Games & Guides List

It was a calendar year for RPGs in 2018 — for fans of the genre, there were almost too many games to pick-through. This year, big budget games embraced RPG mechanics, blurring the line between RPGs and everything else. Games like Red Dead Redemption 2 now have XP — but you won’t see that particular game on our list. We’re saving RDR2 for another day, in another genre. This is all about the most traditional games — and if your favorite isn’t on the list, it’s probably because we weren’t able to play it yet.

It was a tough list to create, and we weren’t able to play every awesome RPG that was released this calendar year. Considering that many of these RPGs take 50-100 hours to complete, it’s almost impossible for anyone to play them all. Still, we’re going to rank our favorites from this genre.

Watch the video above to see why we picked each individual game — and which game we selected for our overall BEST RPG of 2018. It was a tough choice.

I didn’t just play RPGs, I also wrote a ton of guides about them. If you’re ready to pick up any of these games, or just want to explore what makes them so special, you’ll find links to many of the guides we’ve published here on Gameranx in 2018 for each and every game.

BEST RPG Guides of 2018

Check out all the guides for the best RPGs of 2018 in the entries below, or watch the video above for in-depth explanations for all of our best-of picks.

[WARNING: The following links contain spoilers!]

Dragon Quest 11

Monster Hunter: World

Octopath Traveler

patch notes

Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey

Valkyria Chronicles 4

Ni No Kuni 2