Monster Hunter: World – How To Capture Rare Bugs | Rainbow Bright Guide

The super-rare and secret Prism Hercudrome is a very special critter you can capture in Monster Hunter: World. This rainbow-colored beetle is incredibly tough to find, and they only appear in certain specific spots on the map, and only for a limited time.

Finding them is tricky, so we’re here to show you where to get one of these strange beetles for yourself. Netting a Prism bug will unlock the ‘Rainbow Bright’ secret achievement / trophy, too. The Prism Hercudrome is a pretty valuable find. You’ll earn 500 research points just for capturing this creature and taking it back to Astera! So there’s more than one reason to hunt this little thing down.

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How To Capture Rare Bugs | Rainbow Bright Guide


The Prism Hercudrome is a very valuable bug, and it only appears at Dawn / Dusk. To find it, follow the instructions below — and get far enough that you can freely explore with the Net Launcher.

  1. Travel to the Ancient Forest, to the first area by the camp in the southwest corner of the map.
  2. The first area is a beach — enter and exit the zone until it’s dawn / dusk. The bug will only appear at a very specific time.
    • To force time changes, either wait or enter / exit the zone.
  3. From the camp entrance into the first area, go down to the beach and run to a small dead end in the back-right corner. On the other side of the tree, you’ll be able to spot the Prism bug.

The Prism bug appears on the tree in the spot, shown in the gallery. Bring out your net and fire it at the bug to capture it! The ‘Rainbow Bright‘ achievement / trophy will pop. Now you’ve got a nice critter to display in your private quarters.