Monster Hunter: World – How To Fish | ‘Angling For A Bite’ Guide

Fishing is a staple of JRPGs and adventure games. You just can’t escape fishing, and that most mellow of activities returns in Monster Hunter: World. Catching fish offers a bunch of benefits — namely, you’ll be able to use fish as a cooking ingredient, naturally. You can also use fish to bait bigger monsters. The system is more traditional than previous games too, but we’ll get into the details below.

Monster Hunter: World is the first truly open-world entry in the series, giving you free reign to explore massive zones and hunt monsters to your heart’s content. You’ll be able to take on extra activities, called bounties, all while hacking and slashing the big monsters that are your primary targets. Between active hunts you can hop into with friends, you’ll be able to catch small critters with a net launcher, or fish using a new fishing rod. We can only hope there’s an aquarium to store your new fish friends at home.

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How To Fish | ‘Angling For A Bite’ Guide

Instead of diving underwater and harpooning fish personally, you can go fishing with a fishing rod in Monster Hunter: World. To do that, you’ll need two ingredients — a fishing rod (duh) and a fishing spot. Fishing Spots are unique locations that appear in the open field maps. You can’t just fish anywhere!

  • Fishing becomes available once you unlock the Ancient Forest area.
    • Complete the first tutorial quests to reach the Ancient Forest, where you can freely explore.


In the spawn zone, check your map for the Piscine Researcher near the water’s edge in the northeastern corner of the opening area. This is where you can first start fishing. Here’s a quick tutorial explaining how to fish.

  • How to Fish: 
    1. Find a Fishing Spot
    2. Select the Fishing Rod [With the D-Pad]
    3. Cast with [R2 / RT]
    4. When you feel a steady rumble, press [Circle / B] to pull your catch in.

Do everything right, and you’ll catch your first fish — that unlocks the ‘Angling for a Bite’ achievement / trophy. Hopefully, this will be the first of many.