Monster Hunter: World – Best Ways To Earn Cash Fast | Zenny Farming Guide

To get far in Monster Hunter: World, you’ll need zenny — and lots of it. Zenny is used for everything in-game, and you’ll always find plenty of uses for extra cash. You’ll need zenny to buy gear, upgrade your weapons, or craft the latest blueprints as you climb the ranks. Even if you don’t want to grind zenny, there are more efficient ways to get cash than just playing through the game straight.

We’re going to go into the best (current) methods that’ll help you get zenny without too much wasted effort. No exploits or glitches here — it just so happens there’s so much content in Monster Hunter: World, it’s pretty easy to overlook money-making methods. So let’s break down what’s best. Keep scrolling to find multiple methods that will help you earn cash quick.

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Best Ways To Earn Cash Fast | Zenny Farming Guide

Zenny only becomes tight later in the game, when crafting and upgrades start to get really expensive. The best gear is always the stuff you make yourself, and selling items you don’t need anymore will only cover a fraction of the enhanced costs as you level up.

  • Selling monster materials might seem like a good way to earn money, but I don’t recommend it. Monster materials / ingredients are required for crafting, and crafting gear is the cornerstone of Monster Hunter: World. Basically — don’t sell monster parts. Keep them!

For starters, always check the Resource Center to manage your current investigations. Investigations are bonus quests you can complete — usually only a handful of times — but they will sometimes feature huge zenny payouts. Check to see the rewards. Some simple investigations give 10,000 zenny rewards, and all you have to do is kill a few pests. They’re repeatable, only a finite amount of times, making them a great short-term method for quick cash.


Might Seed Farming

As early as the Ancient Forest, the first open-world area you can free roam in Monster Hunter: World, you can begin farming for zenny. Might Seeds are a common item you’ll find on the ground throughout the Ancient Forest. You can eat them for buffs, mix them, or sell them for $140.

  1. Instead of picking up individual seeds, you’ll want to farm them instead.
  2. Go to the Botanical Research Center in Asteria to cultivate Might Seeds. Plant them in a farm and let them cultivate while you complete hunts.
  3. Use the Botanical Research Center to farm Might Seeds to rapidly increase the amount of Might Seeds in your inventory.
    • To unlock the might seed farming, complete the ‘Persistent Pests’ 4 Star Quest.
  4. Continue to plant and cultivate Might Seeds while you’re busy completing regular quests. Keep going, and you’ll have huge stacks of Might Seeds.

Using this simple method while you play, you’ll be able to earn 13000+ zenny per stack of Might Seeds. Just sell the seeds when you need cash, and keep a few so you can farm.

Or Get the Bandit Mantle

The Bandit Mantle, one of the new mantles your hunter can earn and wear, makes earning money easy. Why? While wearing the Bandit Mantle, monsters will drop rare trade-in items when attacked.

  • To get the Bandit Mantle, complete the ‘Redefining the Power Couple’ 5 star quest.

Trade-in items are essentially junk items that are only useful for selling. They can’t be used to craft or upgrade, so you won’t have to worry about selling useful monster parts. To activate the Bandit Mantle, you’ll need to string attacks until the mantle begins to glow. Once activated, the effect will last a set amount of time, causing items to drop from the monster.

What’s so great about the Bandit Mantle? You can use it the entire game. Whenever you’re questing, you’ll be earning trade-in items. The higher level the monster, the more valuable the trade-in items. It’s that simple.

Everyone in your team can also use the Bandit Mantle, multiplying your earnings. Go back and fight weak monsters from earlier quests using your high-level gear, and you grab 10,000+ zenny in a matter of minutes. With allies all wearing Bandit Mantles, you can get more than 30,000+ zenny.

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