Monster Hunter: World – How to Catch Pets For Your Home

Pets are totally a thing in Monster Hunter: World. These little happy-go-lucky critters won’t help you hunt down monsters, but they will hang around your personal dwelling in Astena. This is a totally new feature, and it’s one of the best ways to add a little life to your private home, even if they don’t really do much.

There are a few ways you can customize your pets too. Unfortunately, this will only work with non-hostile creatures in the wild. Anything that wants to kill you can’t be let loose in your home — I guess that makes sense. You don’t want hungry creatures biting you every time you return home to checkout the training room. Learn how to grab pets with the quick guide below.

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How to Catch Pets For Your Home

Pets are a fun addition to your house in Astera, and they come in three varieties; run, crawl, or fly. Before you can add any pets to your home, you’ll have to unlock the Standard Capture Net for your Net Launcher.

  • Select a Capture Net and equip it. With it, you’ll be able to launch at a net at nearby creatures.
    • When a capture-able creature is in your crosshairs, the reticule will turn orange.
  • Only non-hostile creatures can be captured. While exploring, you’ll see a variety of different small animals that don’t attack you. You can make these animals into pets.


Go back to your private quarters in Astera with your animals in nets. To actually place pets, talk to the housekeeper NPC and you’ll have the option to add the animals you’ve captured to the house. You can select three different types; animals that run, crawl, or fly around your home.

Perfect for adding lots of cool animals. Peacocks, frogs, and dragonflies are all available to grab and release in your house. Think of them as furry friends to greet you after a long day of monster hunting.