Monster Hunter: World – All The Weird Stuff You Can Do With Poogie the Pig | Easter Egg Guide

Poogie the Pig is the first great Easter egg of Monster Hunter: World. What appears to be an everyday, run-of-the-mill pig in Astera proves to be something much, much more. If you’re willing to spend a little time with Poogie, this guy can really get around.

Found in every Monster Hunter game to date, most of the non-fans joining Monster Hunter: World probably don’t know the significance of Poogie. This cute pig is the first pet in the series, but you’ll have to befriend him before you can do anything else. No, you won’t be able to ride him this time around — but there are still lots of ways to interact with Poogie.

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All The Weird Stuff You Can Do With Poogie the Pig | Easter Egg Guide

Like all the other versions of Poogie in the franchise, he’s found in the hub area. Find Poogie the Pig in Astera, and time your pet. Wait until the “!” appears over Poogie’s head, then press [Cross / A] to pet him. If you time it right, hearts will appear, indicating the Poogie is now your friend. If you miss, Poogie will give you a headbutt.


Once you make friends with Poogie, there are a couple things you can do with him.

  • Pet Poogie! He’ll follow you around. He’s pretty slow, though.
  • You can name Poogie. I recommend calling him Poogie.
  • You can dress Poogie in a variety of different outfits. Pink is Poogie’s color.
  • Pick up Poogie and carry him around!

Poogie doesn’t really serve any (known) purpose, but the Monster Hunter community has some thoughts of their own. While there isn’t any proof to the hypothesis, many believe that hugging Poogie gives good luck when crafting rare items.

Better safe than sorry, right? Why not give Poogie a hug before visiting the blacksmith next time.