Monster Hunter: World – How To Claim Bonus Items | Beta, Pre-Order & Deluxe

There are plenty of different Day 1 rewards you can claim in Monster Hunter: World. All of them (well, most of them) can be claimed in your private quarters when talking to your housekeeper, but all of the different rewards are unlocked via a variety of means. You might have to download on a store, you might have to input codes, or you might just get the rewards automatically. 

To make life simpler, here’s a quick list of all the ways you can claim bonus items in Monster Hunter: World, and what you’ll need (and what to look out for) to get what you’re owed. There are lots of cool things to find — and it’s worth checking out the PlayStation / Xbox Store for free stuff. There’s a lot of DLC that won’t cost you a cent floating around.

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How To Claim Bonus Items | Beta, Pre-Order & Deluxe

There are many ways to claim free bonus items in Monster Hunter: World. Here’s everything you’ll need to know for every possible version. But first, here’s how to actually claim most of your rewards in-game.

  • NOTE: After downloading DLC, the items will be available in your Private Quarters.
    • Talk to the Housekeeper, then select ‘Claim Bonuses’.
    • The items will appear in your Equipment Box.

Before claiming any rewards, make sure to download and install any patches. You’ll need to have the updated version running before you can claim any rewards. Now, let’s get into the different versions, and how to get your bonuses.

  • PS4 Exclusive – Beta Bonus:
    • If you participated in the open beta, log in to Monster Hunter: World with the same PSN ID you used while in the beta. Then you can claim your rewards from the Housekeeper.
      • The Face Paint is accessible through the ‘Change Appearance’ function in the Equipment Box.
  • PS4 Exclusive – Horizon Zero Dawn Exclusive Quest:
    • To unlock the Horizon Zero Dawn quest and armor, simply download the PS4 Day One Update to find the content in-game. Complete the special quest to get unique armor.
  • Collector’s Edition:
    • Includes a slip with a download code. Input the code in the PSN / XBL store to unlock and download your content.
  • Digital Pre-Order:
    • Items will unlock for free in the online PSN / XBL store. Download them.
  • Digital Deluxe Edition:
    • Items will be added automatically. Claim your bonuses from the Housekeeper. That’s it!
  • Physical Pre-Order:
    • You’ll be sent a code. Claim the code in the PSN / XBL store to unlock and download your content.

If you want the items included in the Digital Deluxe or Collector’s Edition, purchase the Deluxe Kit from the PSN / XBL store to get identical items and rewards.