Quantic Dream Confirms Detroit: Become Human Spring 2018 Release

Last year Sony initially confirmed that Detroit: Become Human will arrive spring, but it seems that there was some doubt that the game will actually hit the announced mark. Now, In response to a tweet sent by a fan, Quantic Dream has affirmed that the neo-noir thriller will definitely be releasing Spring 2018.

Spring 2018 begins on Tuesday, March 20th and ends on Thursday, June 21st, so there is a pretty decent chunk of time to make our guesses. That said, given that God of War is coming out April 20th, you would think Quantic Dreams and Sony would want some distance between the two games.

In other news, Quantic Dream was in hot water last year as players were labeling the game as ‘perverse for depicting domestic violence’

‘Quantic Dream, the developer of futuristic sci-fi adventure Detroit: Become Human has landed in hot water over a controversial scene that portrays child abuse.

Detroit: Become Human takes place in a metropolis at the forefront of technological revolution. Androids live alongside their human counterparts, but are still regarded as machines, and are designed to provide assistance without displaying any emotion.’

Detroit: Become Human release spring 2018.