Octopath Traveler: How Earn Money, XP & JP Fast | Easy Farming Guide

Octopath Traveler isn’t the toughest JRPG around — you’ll earn plenty of cash, XP and job points just for playing through every character story. But, sometimes it’s fun to outpace the competition — and some of the end-game bosses are insanely difficult to take down. Sometimes, you’ll need to grind for XP, and it helps to get a lot of easy money and job points too.

Here, I’m going to list all the best strategies I’ve found so far for farming in Octopath Traveler. The first is the most obvious, but if you’re like me, you might not have known how to actually defeat one very slippery enemy. It’s actually a lot easier than it sounds, and fighting these critters will earn you 1,000 XP in (hopefully!) a single battle.

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How Earn Money, XP & JP Fast | Easy Farming Guide

Money, XP, and JP are all earned by defeating enemies in the wild. This first method is all about random encounters, so make sure to remove any passive skills that lower the amount of random battles you encounter while walking around.

Equip items and accessories to increase the encounter rate. You’ll also want to improve character speed and accuracy — with enough accuracy, H’annit can defeat Caits with Arrow Storm.

  • Random Farming Method: Defeat Caits
    • Caits are slippery enemies that spawn after every five random battles or so.
    • Caits will spawn anywhere on the map.
    • If you don’t enter a battle with a Cait, flee to speed up the discovery process.
    • To defeat them, use Soulstones — Soulstones never miss when used. Use a medium Soulstone to kill in one hit.
      • If you use a small Soulstone, you can attempt to capture the Cait.
    • One Soulstone is enough to defeat a Cait.
  • The best location to farm Caits is in the Northern Wellspring Sands in the Sunlands. You can also find them in Quicksand Caves. In these locations, whenever a Cait spawns, you’ll find an XP-rewarding Cait and a JP-rewarding Cait in the same battle, every time.


There are more farming methods — you can also use Primrose’s special ability, Bewildering Grace, to earn lots of XP or JP.

  • Totally Random Farming Method: Primrose’s Bewildering Grace
    • Primrose the Dancer has an ability called Bewildering Grace that causes random effects.
    • One of these totally random effects is to reward your team with x100 XP, or x100 JP.
    • If you’re grinding, just try using this ability every turn. You might get lucky!
    • Yes, you can give this ability a x4 Boost.

You can also raise money incredibly quickly with Tressa. This character will automatically collect coins when you enter / leave new areas, and some areas are better to explore than others. Here’s one method discovered by DJApoc.

  • Cash Farming Method: Tressa in Undertow Cave
    • Go to Undertow Cave, west of Rippletide with Tressa in your party. The cave is Level 45, so you’ll need to equip skills to safely avoid combat.
      • Bring Cyrus / a Scholar and equip Evasive Maneuvers to reduce random encounters.
      • Bring Ophilia / a Cleric and equip Heighten Senses to increase chances of attacking first.
      • Equip any skills to avoid combat and make fleeing easier.
    • Enter Undertow Cave. Your goal is to touch multiple zones — the more zones you touch, the more cash Tressa will find when you leave the cave.
      • From the start, go left and down. Then, go right and down — then up and right past the chest. Go right and touch the lower level. That’s it!

Leave the Undertow Cave after making that much progress, and you can find about 1,800~ cash per run. Run away from every fight and save often. Each run, if you don’t hit any fights, takes about 15~ seconds.

[Work-in-Progress: I’ll update this guide with more farming methods as they’re discovered.]