Octopath Traveler: How To Get The Best Post-Game Weapons | Battle-Tested Locations Guide

After beating the main story, there’s still plenty of activities to complete in Octopath Traveler. If you want to conquer some of the hardest optional bosses, or explore a secret ending, you’ll need to be well-equipped. Some of the best weapons in the post-game are the Battle-Tested gear — there’s one of every weapon type in this set, including a shield, and if you want to find them all, we’ve got the locations listed below.

In Octopath Traveler, you play as one of eight protagonists — depending on the character you select first, that’s your main story. Naturally, there are still seven other stories for you to complete, and lots of side-quests, super-bosses, and even a hidden ending to find after completing your story. It really, really helps to grab some of these weapons. They’re not all the best, but they’re all incredibly strong, and pretty easy to get if you have some extra¬† cash. The trickiest part is just knowing where to look.

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How To Get The Best Post-Game Weapons | Battle-Tested Locations Guide

The Battle-Tested weapons are some of the most powerful tools you can unlock in the game. They’re only available after completing the main story — you need to be in the post-game to get any of these weapons. They’re really useful for unlocking post-game advanced jobs.

  • Battle-Tested Blade
    • Stats: PHYS 400, CRIT 150, Increases PHYS attack
    • Location: Wellspring – Travel west to the Captain’s House and use Merchant skill to purchase the Battle-Tested Sword from Erhardt.
  • Battle-Tested Dagger
    • Stats: PHYS 380, EVASION 140, Lowers enemy ACC
    • Location: Atlasdam – Travel east from Atlasdam and take the trail south until you locate Undertow Cave. Go to the end of the cave, and use the Thief skill to steal the dagger from Vanessa Hysel. You can keep trying until you succeed. There are no negative effects for failing.
  • Battle-Tested Shield
    • Stats: PHYS DEF 132, EVASION -88, HP & SP regen every turn
    • Location: Marsalim – Use the Merchant skill to purchase the shield from Greig the Unbreakable in the middle of the town square.
  • Battle-Tested Spear
    • Stats: PHYS 390, CRIT 148, Mayb Blind enemies
    • Location: Noblecourt – Complete Orlick’s sidequest, then go up the stairs and challenge Leon to a duel.
  • Battle-Tested Axe
    • Stats: PHYS 350, ELEM LIGHTNING / ICE 250
    • Location: Victors Hollow – Go up and find Ned to purchase the axe from him.
  • Battle-Tested Bow
    • Stats: PHYS 384, CRIT 186, Lowers PHYS DEF on enemy
    • Location: S’warkii – Find Z’aanta near the town save point and purchase the bow from him.
  • Battle-Tested Staff
    • Stats: PHYS 212, ELEM 399, Slows enemies
    • Location: Saintsbridge – Enter the cathedral and talk to Bishop Bartolo. Use the Merchant skill to purchase the staff from him.

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