Octopath Traveler: How To Unlock The True Ending | Secret Ending Guide

Each character has an ending in Octopath Traveler — there are eight stories, with eight conclusions. But, if you manage to finish them all, there’s still something left for you to discover. When you’re deep in the post-game, you can visit one last secret dungeon and unlock a bonus ending that’s only possible after you’ve finished all eight stories.

This isn’t exactly a “true” ending that pulls together threads from every single story, but it does require every character in your arsenal. You’ll need them all to help finish two game-spanning side-quests that require all eight characters in your party to solve. At the end, you’ll have to complete an extremely difficult dungeon, and encounter a powerful boss. It’s worth it if you want to see everything this story has to offer.

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How To Unlock The True Ending | Secret Ending Guide

To unlock the special secret ending, you’ll need to complete certain tasks and dungeons. Here’s what you’ll need to do, in order from beginning to end. 

  • Complete the Ruins of Hornburg optional dungeon to unlock the path to the secret ending.
    • To unlock this dungeon, you’ll need to complete two side-quests: “Daughter of the Dark God” and “In Search of the Father“.
  • Start “Daughter of the Dark God” by travelling to Ravus Manos in the Clifflands and challenging a guard to a duel.
  • Start “In Search of the Father” by talking to Kit — they’ll appear outside the first city you select at the start of your game.
  • After completing these two quest, travel to the West S’wark’ii Trail and talk to the Impresario to unlock the Ruins of Hornburg dungeon.

Complete the high-level dungeon and defeat the boss at the end to unlock a very special, secret ending. It’s worth it if you’re looking for one last task to take on after finishing all eight stories.