Octopath Traveler: How To Unlock 8 Sub-Jobs & 4 Advanced Jobs | Secret Classes Guide

You’ll find eight party members in Octopath Traveler, and they can be customized even further with these sub-jobs — special jobs that you can equip to each character, giving them all the powers and abilities of that class, essentially giving them twice as many powers, weapons, or abilities.

After unlocking a sub-job, you can equip it to any character. These extra jobs aren’t unique — they’re essentially copies of all the other character jobs in the game — you can give your favorite characters the jobs of other characters. It’s pretty handy, and gives characters you equip the jobs to a lot more flexibility in combat.

You’re going to want these sub-jobs, and the ultra-powerful advanced jobs — find the shrine locations below. If you’re still on the fence about this fresh Nintendo Switch JRPG, check out our Octopath Traveler video review here.

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How To Unlock 8 Sub-Jobs & 4 Advanced Jobs | Secret Classes Guide

There are 12 additional jobs you can unlock in Octopath Traveler — 8 sub-jobs, and 4 advanced jobs. To unlock them, you need to find the corresponding shrine for each character after completing their Chapter 1 introduction. The shrines will appear on your map — look for an icon with four columns.


  • Cleric
    • Location: Frostlands, Western Stillsnow Wilds (Shrine of the Flamebearer)
  • ScholarĀ 
    • Location: Flatlands, Western Noblecourt Flats (Shrine of the Sage)
  • Merchant
    • Location: Coastlands, Moonstruck Coast (Shrine of the Trader)
  • Warrior
    • Location: Highlands, North Stonegard Pass (Shrine of the Thunderblade)
  • Dancer
    • Location: Sunlands, Northern Wellspring Sands (Shrine of the Lady of Grace)
  • Apothecary
    • Location: Riverlands, East Saintsbridge Traverse (Shrine of the Healer)
  • Thief
    • Location: Clifflands, South Quarrycrest Pass (Shrine of the Prince of Thieves)
  • Hunter
    • Location: Woodlands, East Victors Hollow Trail (Shrine of the Huntress)


Advanced Jobs

Advanced Jobs are unique, powerful classes that are hidden in extremely difficult shrines. There are four advanced jobs, and you must defeat a Level 50+ boss to unlock the job.

  • Warmaster
    • Location: Riverlands, North Riverford Traverse (Shrine of the Warbringer)
  • Starseer
    • Location: Flatlands, Western Wisperspill Flats (Shrine of the Starseer)
  • Runelord
    • Location: Highlands, West Everhold Pass (Shrine of the Runeblade)
  • Sorcerer
    • Location: Woodlands, East Duskbarrow Trail (Shrine of the Archmagus)