E3 Recap: Everything You Need To Know From Square Enix Press Conference

Square Enix recently just wrapped up their E3 press conference and while there wasn’t too many details unveiled or game breakdowns, the company did play a number of trailers. If you missed out on the press conference then check out our complete breakdown of the event below.

Shadow of the Tomb Raider

A brand new teaser for Shadow of the Tomb Raider kicked off Square Enix’s E3 press conference. This time around Lara Croft must prevent an apocalypse that she had vision. Much like the series is known for, Lara Croft will be outnumbered against Trinity forces so she must be one with the environment as she takes out the various enemy threats. Gameplay footage helped showcase some of the ways players can eliminate Trinity guards that patrol the area while developers Crystal Dynamics promises a rich survival game with tons of exploration. Currently, Shadow of the Tomb Raider is aimed to release on September 14, 2018.

Final Fantasy XIV Stormblood

Final Fantasy XIV Stormblood received a trailer that touched on the latest patch for the game known as Under The Moonlight. This patched launched last month which offered the main scenario along with new dungeons, trials, raids, and side stories. Currently, the game is available for PC and PlayStation 4 platforms.

Monster Hunter World X Final Fantasy XIV

Monster Hunter World and Final Fantasy XIV will have a crossover. The announcement came in form of a trailer during Square Enix’s press conference. Outside of a brief teaser, there was no information as to what gamers can expect with this crossover but it will apparently happen sometime this summer.

The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit

Life is Strange 2 is happening but before we get the game reveal, Dontnod Entertainment has a free narrative journey for players to enjoy first. The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit was announced at Microsoft’s E3 press conference but this time we got a bit more information.

Dontnod Entertainment has revealed that the game is not the promised sequel to Life is Strange but The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit will be set in the same universe with its own secrets hidden inside regarding Life is Strange 2.

We still don’t know how the game will be tied to the Life is Strange universe but luckily gamers can enjoy the game fully on June 26, 2018, for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC platforms.

Dragon Quest Echoes of an Elusive Age XI

Dragon Quest Echoes XI was highlighted during Square Enix’s E3 press conference. This is a game we’ve known about for quite awhile as it’s already available within Japan. However, we now know that the game will be releasing for PC and PlayStation 4 platforms on September 4, 2018. Within the trailer, gamers get a glimpse into the game such as the coming-of-age narrative journey along with the monsters you’ll face against in the classic turn-based combat the Dragon Quest franchise is known for.

Babylon’s Fall

Babylon’s Fall is a brand new video game coming from PlatinumGames, the same creators who have brought out the Bayonetta franchise along with Nier: Automata. Little information has been unveiled for the game so far but it seems to be a fantasy game set in a historical past. Currently, Babylon’s Fall is expected to launch next year for the PlayStation 4 and PC platforms.

Nier: Automata: Become As Gods Edition

Unveiled at Microsoft’s E3 press conference event, Nier: Automata: Become As Gods Edition was shown off again. Nier: Automata was a big hit for the PC and PlayStation 4 platforms but now Xbox One owners can soon enjoy the game. Not only will Nier: Automata: Become As Gods Edition come with the full game but it will also include all of the previous DLC. Currently, the game is set to release on Xbox One this June 26, 2018.

Octopath Traveler

Octopath Traveler had a small brief teaser trailer shown for the upcoming JRPG coming for the Nintendo Switch on July 13, 2018. This is a 2D style turn-based JRPG video game being developed by Square Enix and Acquire as they tell a story of eight characters who begin a grand journey. While the teaser didn’t unveil anything particularly new about the game, we are expecting the title to make an appearance during Nintendo’s upcoming E3 Direct.

Just Cause 4

Just Cause 4 was another title that was first unveiled during Microsoft’s E3 press conference and this time we got a bit new information. Once again players will take on the role of the infamous rogue agent Rico with massive action-packed sequences.

Set in a fictional South American country, players will have the largest open world map to explore in a Just Cause game and it seems that this time around there will be natural disasters to avoid such as tornadoes. Outside of the visual improvements and larger map size, developers, Avalanche Studios had made mention that the enemy AI has been improved to keep players on their toes during battles.

Vehicles and gadgets are still a big part in Just Cause 4 for players. There will be a wide range of new vehicles which will offer even more opportunities when dealing with the enemy. Even the grapple is being tweaked making it available to be customized along with adding the number of tethers players can use.

Just Cause 4 will be releasing on December 4, 2018, for the PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One platforms.

The Quiet Man

A brand new IP known as The Quiet Man was revealed during Square Enix’s E3 2018 press conference. There wasn’t any information regarding the title but it seems to be focused around a cinematic experience with action gameplay. From the teaser shown, we see a man who takes out two thugs and its within this teaser that we have received a hint that the protagonist is deaf but we’ll have to wait until information is released.

Kingdom Hearts III

Kingdom Hearts III received an appearance at Microsoft’s E3 press conference where it was unveiled that the game will be coming to both Xbox One and PlayStation 4 platforms on January 29, 2019. This trailer showcased a wide range of characters Sora will come across such as the cast from Frozen, Wreck it Ralph, Tangled, Monsters Inc, Hercules, Toy Story.