Fortnite: Battle Royale Season 5 – Week 2 Challenges Guide | Hoops & Treasure Locations [VIDEO]

Season 5 has only just begun in Fortnite: Battle Royale — and this week, we’re tackling all the Season 2 Battle Pass challenges. Check out the video above to find all seven basketball hoop locations and locate an easy Battle Star with the Treasure Map challenge guide. You can also keep scrolling for text locations, detailing the map coordinates you need to visit to find all these locations.

The basketball hoops are a lot easier to find than last week’s lightning bolts. No need to construct anything here — you just need to arrive at each court and sink a basket into the hoop. Make sure you’ve unlocked and equipped the basketball emote before starting a game, and you’ll be just fine.

The Treasure Map sends you searching the desert biome — the dinosaur in the clue is a dead giveaway. To find the treasure, just glide over to the tall rock pillars east of the southern oasis — we’ve got even more details in the video, showing you exactly where to look.

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Week 2 Challenges Guide | Hoops & Treasure Locations [VIDEO]


  • Challenge: Paradise Palms Treasure Map
    • Battle Star Location: To find the star, you need to look between an arch, a dinosaur, and an oasis. That means you need to head to the desert biome. Go down to the oasis in the southwest corner of the desert, and glide around the tall spires — look for an inverted stone rock on a high ledge. The battle star will appear near the weird rock.
      • Map Coordinates: H9 [On the tall spire, east of the unnamed oasis in the desert. Look for an inverted pyramid-shaped rock on a ledge.]

To score at seven different basketball hoop locations, you’ll need to equip the basketball throwing emote. When you arrive at the courts, throw a basketball and land in the hoop to earn your point. Here are all seven locations you need to find.

  • Challenge: 7 Basketball Hoops
    • Hoop #1: C7 [Northeast corner of Greasy Grove.]
    • Hoop #2: C5 [West of Tilted Towers, in the unnamed cluster of buildings.]
    • Hoop #3: A5 [Just above the ‘Snobby Shores’ title on the map, in a backyard.]
    • Hoop #4: B2 [Right in the “C” letter of ‘Junk Junction’ on the map. Inside the junkyard.]
    • Hoop #5: D5 [Northwest corner of Tilted Towers.]
    • Hoop #6: F8 [On the unnamed hill with buildings, southwest of Salty Springs.
    • Hoop #7: I8 [On the eastern side of Paradise Palms.]