MOTHERGUNSHIP: How To Find Secret Doors | Bonus Rooms & Rewards Guide

If you’re like me, you’re loving MOTHERGUNSHIP — the crazy gun-building FPS antics are lightning fast, and you’re always making breezy progress. There’s just one problem — at the end of every level, you’ll find 12-20 secrets you missed. That drives me crazy, so I settled on a very important mission. I wanted to learn how to find secrets in MOTHERGUNSHIP, and I finally think I’ve found the answer.

Secrets are actually easier to locate than I probably realized. The trick is that these secrets can appear anywhere in a room — they can pop-up on the ground level, on a wall in the middle of a giant pit, or near the impossibly tall ceiling. Sometimes you’ll need lots of extra Jump power-ups, sometimes you just need to approach those walls more carefully. Either way, you’ll want to find all the secret doors you can in every single quest. Here’s what you’ll want to look out for.

How To Find Secret Doors | Bonus Rooms & Rewards Guide


Secrets are counted at the end of each MOTHERGUNSHIP quest — you’ll see how many secrets you missed, but it’s almost impossible to get them all. Don’t worry if you missed a few. Here’s how to find them.

  • HOW TO FIND SECRETS: Secrets are always hidden behind flat walls. The walls are always about the length of your mech, and narrow — the surface must always be totally flat, and it can appear anywhere in a room.
    • When you get close to a secret door, it will begin to shimmer.
    • The secret door can appear at any height. It can be near the top of the room, or at the bottom, or on any wall. Look carefully to spot them.
    • Secret doors usually contain Jump, Max HP, or Max Energy power-ups.

There’s another way you can improve your secret-spotting skills — the Secret Detection upgrade. This upgrade will increase the range of the white shimmer that appears on secret doors. Unlocking and upgrading this ability can increase the range by 500%, making it much, much easier to find any secrets in a room. You’ll be able to spot them from so much further away!

But, if you learn where secrets usually appear, and keep an eye out, you won’t need to beef up Secret Detection at all.