Xbox Announces New Frantic Hybrid First-Person Shooter Mothergunship

Joe Mirabello, game director at Terrible Posture Games took to the Xbox Wire to announce the studio’s new upcoming game –Mothergunship.

The newly announced title is set to be a frantic hybrid first-person shooter which pits players against hordes of sinister robots. Mothergunship will also feature randomly generated ships, allowing players to experience something slightly new each time they play the game.

Synopsis of Mothergunship:

You take on the role of one of the last members of a resistance against an invasion of data-hoarding robotic aliens. They’ve taken Earth and now you have to take it back, one enemy ship at a time, dodging through innumerable waves of bullets and squaring off against some of the largest bosses ever seen in an FPS. The action gets pretty over the top, and in order to have the slimmest chance of survival you’re going to need some mighty firepower. That’s where crafting comes in.

Mirabello did not manage to announce a release date for the game, but he did mention that the game will include a crazy crafting system alongside an even crazier co-op experience. However, Terrible Posture Games are not delving into what the co-op will consist of as of yet.

In addition to the crazy combat and crazier crafting, Mothergunship invites you to battle through the entire game with a friend, in a frantic co-op experience, with a few unique twists that we’re keeping quiet about for now.

Mothergunship is scheduled to release on the Xbox One; no release window announced.