Fortnite: Battle Royale Season 5 – How To Race The ATK Golf Cart | Time Trials Easter Egg

The ATK — or All-Terrain Kart — is a new vehicle added into Fortnite: Battle Royale for the Season 5 festivities. It isn’t just a bigger, badder shopping cart either. You can fit an entire team’s worth of friends inside the kart, and you can zip around the map way faster than before. It’s a delight, and there’s one secret you probably didn’t know about — you can race with it!

And I don’t mean that you can race the clock, or race the incoming storm — I’m talking about full-fledged time trial tracks. This is a completely optional Easter egg, and probably something you won’t want to do when there are enemies swarming the desert biome, but it’s a really cool little secret feature that everyone should check out at least once. There aren’t a lot of interactive secrets in this game, so it’s time to explore a first.

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How To Race The ATK Golf Cart | Time Trials Easter Egg


Before you can race with your ATK, you’ll need to actually find one. There are a couple in some pretty obvious spots — like in the golf course in the northern edge of the island map. You’ll also find some in the new desert biome — that’s your best bet if you want to start the Time Trial Easter egg.

  • Time Trial Easter Egg: Go to the race track north of Paradise Palms, and south of Lonely Lodge. It’s really easy to spot on your map — look for the squiggly lines of black asphalt road.
    • Two ATK can spawn in this racetrack area. Search the garages near the entrance and inside. Another ATK can also spawn in the center of Paradise Palms.
  • To begin the Time Trial: Drive your ATK up to the starting line of the race track. When the lights turn green, you’ll know it’s time to go. Your time is counted on the billboards and will stop when you complete the time trial.

It’s a fun little mini-game that’s also completely pointless. You can use it to practice your drifting and boosting skills, or just challenge friends when the creative playground mode returns.