Fortnite: Battle Royale Season 5 – 10 New Changes You Need To Know About

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Fortnite: Battle Royale Season 5 has landed. The new Battle Pass brings a deluge of new unlockable cosmetics and costumes for you to unlock, but there’s more to the new season than just outfits. Thanks to the patch notes provided by Epic, we’ve been able to learn a lot about everything new in Fortnite. Basically, everything has been changed — the locations, the weapons, and the golf carts.

We’re deep-diving into the patch to reveal the many, many changes. Not only are there new biomes to explore, you’ll also find shotgun meta nerfs, strange rifts, sound visualization options, and motion controls on the Nintendo Switch. Check out the full list of changes (that we’ve found so far!) in the list below.

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#1: There’s A New Desert Biome

The entire southeast corner of the Battle Royale map has transformed into an arid desert, and right in the center you’ll find a totally new location called Paradise Palms.

There are a few more areas to check out in the dusty zone — including a winding race track in the upper corner. The area is big, wide, and an obvious change of pace compared to the green hills of the standard map area.

#2: …And A Golf Course

The golf course, called Lazy Links, is found in the center-north edge of the island map. It’s a pretty big new area, about the size of Dusty Divot, with all the green and sand traps you could expect from a gold course.

This isn’t the only golf-themed addition to the map, either — outside the club house and the holes, there’s a new vehicle you can hop aboard.


#3: Your Whole Team Can Ride In The Golf Cart

The new ATK (All Terrain Kart) is a vehicle big enough for an entire team. It’s kind of like the Shopping Cart, but even better. More armor, and more seats so your friends can join you for a spin around the map.

The ATK can drift (which earns you a quick speed boost) and even comes with a mobile bounce pad — just jump off the roof for that extra bounce height. Your team can work together too — if everyone leans back and then releases while driving off a ramp, you’ll jump higher and further.

#4: There Are Hidden Points-Of-Interest To Find, Too

Lazy Links and Paradise Palms aren’t the only new additions to the map. Like the Hero Mansion and Villain Lair, Epic is teasing new points-of-interest that might hide interesting lore secrets, or reveal critical teases for future content updates. The Villain Lair from Season 4 counted down to the missile launch, which opened the rifts that you find all over the map in Season 5 — will there be an awesome Easter egg ARG like that in Season 5? Signs point to yes.

One area you can explore right now is the Viking Ship near Snobby Shores. It isn’t exactly hidden, so you can see it on your map. We’ll keep you updated once players find new (and awesome) secret spots.

If you didn’t notice already, Dusty Divot is a lot less dusty now. It’s full of green grass! That’s just one old area that’s picked up a facelift in Season 5.

#5: Motion Controls Have Finally Been Added To The Nintendo Switch

One of the built-in features of the Nintendo Switch is now available in Fortnite: Battle Royale. You can now activate Motion Controls in the Settings on the Nintendo Switch version of the game.

This works pretty much like Splatoon 2 — you’ll be able to aim with the gyroscope while in handheld mode, or twist around the controllers while the Switch is docked. Personally, the gyroscope controls are most fun in handheld mode. Give it a try if you’re running the Switch version.

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