Fortnite Llamas Are Popping Up All Over European Cities

Fortnite’s Pinata Llamas have begun showing face across major cities in Europe. The first reported sighting was in London, but more photos have emerged of llamas in Barcelona, Cologne, Cannes, and Warsaw. It looks like Epic Games campaign on bringing icons from the game into real life started when Durr Burger was seen sitting in a middle of a desert in Paldale, California.

The strange appearance seemingly started last week when a rocket caused a fissure in the world, sucking items from Fortnite into another world. Now we know just where the items were transported to: Our world.

The folks over on Reddit have been piecing together these clues and easters eggs from Epic Games since last week. You can check out their progress and the images of the Llamas, here. With the start of Fortnite Season 5 tomorrow we should know what exactly all this 4th wall breaking means until then we can only guess!

Have you spotted the Llama in your city? Let us know in the comments below.