Rocket League Gets Added To Microsoft Games Pass

Sports fan? Psyonix’s football-based title, Rocket League has just been added to the Microsoft Games Pass catalogue. Microsoft already teased an announcement related to Rocket League during this month’s episode of Inside Xbox on Twitter overnight – now the game has officially popped up on both the Xbox store page and official MS Store.

Realising back in 2015, Rocket League has climbed from strength to strength, becoming one of the most popular games worldwide. It has also been one of the first games to feature crossplay between PC, Xbox One and Switch. Rocket League pits players controlling remote-controlled rocket cars against each other in football matches, the premise is as you’d imagine, get the ball in the goal. Easy right? Not at all, this super addictive game will have you punting hours into perfecting your shots, using sneaky speed tactics and handling your vehicle. I raged quit the game pretty quickly but I know tons of people that would never delete Rocket League from their library.

Awesome features include:

  • All-new Season Mode that allows players to enjoy a full single-player experience
  • Extensive Battle-Car customizations with more than 10 billion possible combinations
  • Unlockable items and vehicles, stat tracking, leaderboards, and more
  • Addictive 8-player online action with a variety of different team sizes and configurations
  • Amazing 2-, 3-, and 4-player split-screen mode that can be played locally or taken online against other split-screen players
  • Broadcast-quality replays that allow you to fast forward, rewind, or view the action from anywhere in the arena
  • Competitive cross-platform gameplay with Xbox One/ Switch users