Xbox One Sport White Controller Revealed

Looking for a sleek new addition to your Xbox One accessories? Look no further as Microsoft has just unveiled a new fresh and minty controller dubbed Sport White Edition. While the controller looks gorgeous, it doesn’t really add anything to the existing physical template, only a rubberized grip.

What’s pretty interesting to note is that this controller is the first to feature a non-colourized A, B, X, and Y buttons. Instead, Microsoft has opted to use small coloured dots in the middle to of the buttons to indicate what letter corresponds. The controller will retail for a cool 60$ and will launch on July 31 in the United States and Canada, while launching August 7 everywhere else in the world. A charging station for the controller will also be available, for an additional $50.

In other Microsoft news, Rocket League has recently been added to Microsoft’s Games Pass. Read more, here.

Sports fan? Psyonix’s football-based title, Rocket League has just been added to the Microsoft Games Pass catalogue. Microsoft already teased an announcement related to Rocket League during this month’s episode of Inside Xbox on Twitter overnight – now the game has officially popped up on both the Xbox store page and official MS Store.