Todd Hoffman Offers Up His Gold In Planet Gold Rush

If you’re a fan of Gold Rush, a mining reality series, then chances are you may have already spotted the Planet Gold Rush game. This is a mobile title for Android and iOS that is currently free-to-play though what may strike new players interest in giving this game a download is the Todd Hoffman challenge.

Todd Hoffman is one of the main cast members of the show where his team sets out on a long seasonal adventure. With countless dollars spent, Todd and his team gambles that their long season of work will be rewarded massively in the form of gold. Thanks to a press release that was sent our way we got word of this latest event.

Within the game, players can attempt to battle for the highest score each week from their virtual mines. This is essentially a management style video game with small little mini-games tossed in. Overall, you’ll be overseeing a group mining for gold that will be provided by the rich lands you inhabit.

Much like the actual operation and show, you’ll have to survey dig sites and begin the mining process. However, what’s currently being offered is the actual gold from Todd Hoffman. Currently, Todd has offered 2oz of gold that he dug up from the ground giving small bits of it away to the top ranking players each week.

“I’m giving away my gold that I dug out of the ground as prizes every week. It’s a way to reach out, get some gold into people’s hands and meet the fans…”

Currently, the event is running right now for a limited time though it doesn’t appear that there is any indication quite yet on just when the event will wrap up.