Fortnite: Battle Royale Season 5 – 10 New Changes You Need To Know About

#6: You Can Now Use The Sound Visualizer From Mobile On All Platforms

Because smart phones don’t usually have surround-sound setups, and you’ll often find yourself playing during a noisy commute, the mobile version of Fortnite: Battle Royale comes with a ‘Sound Visualizer’ mode that literally tags noise with icons in-game.

Now you can use that feature in any version of Fortnite. It’s an awesome edition for players with disabilities, or anyone that needs a little aid. Activating the Sound Visualizer Mode will dampen all sound, so you won’t be able to get visualization icons and hear at the same time.

#7: The Double Shotgun Strategy Has Been Nerfed

They’ve finally done it — they killed the Double Shotgun strategy. Okay, maybe that’s overselling these small changes to shotguns. Shotguns can no longer fired quickly when swapping — after switching from one shotgun to another, there’s a small delay, meaning you can’t fire faster than intended by swapping between two loaded shotguns.

There are other shotgun changes too; shotguns no long have a random pellet spread, and Heavy Shotguns shoot 10 pellets instead of 5. Too bad the Heavy Shotgun doesn’t do any extra damage, still.


#8: There Are Rifts Everywhere — Jump In If You Dare

Strange rifts have appeared all over the map. These were summoned after the sky was cracked open by the Villain Lair missile in Season 4, and the rifts aren’t about to go away. According to the patch notes, these are appearing everywhere, and you can jump in for “a wild ride” — you know, if you dare. Where do rifts go? The sky!

Yup, when you enter a rift, you’ll reappear high in the sky. It works just like dropping out of the bus at the start of a round. You can fall and open your drone like normal, drifting to the ground. It’s a pretty good way to travel far, and there are tons of them near the Viking Ship by Snobby Shores.

#9: Storm Circles Don’t Just Shrink — They Also Move

The storm circles have changed slightly in this update. They won’t just shrink — once you get far enough into a round, they’ll also move toward new locations before shrinking, making them a little more unpredictable than before.

You can’t count on an area in the circle being the next safe zone. You might have to run for it, even if you’re camping in the center.

#10: Save The World Is Still Getting Updates

While Fortnite: Battle Royale still gets all the attention, Fortnite: Save The World is still getting tons of updates. Heroes have been updated, new modes added, and basically everything has been buffed. All hero class abilities have been buffed, increasing their power compared to weapons / traps — there’s also a bunch of weapon buffs. You can unlock a powerful Wallop Hammer in the event store, or grab a new Flintlock weapon set.

Basically, tons of stuff has been reworked in Save The World. It’s nice knowing that Epic hasn’t given up on the paid, cooperative corner of their new Fortnite empire.