Fortnite: Battle Royale Season 5 – Road Trip Challenges Guide | Secret Battle Star Locations

Those secret Blockbuster challenges are back in Fortnite: Battle Royale Season 5 — this time, they’re called Road Trip Challenges, and you’ll learn that finding the secret Battle Star is essentially the same as its always been. You’ll need to complete all your weekly challenges, then you’ll earn a postcard / loading screen imagine. The imagine will always have a clue showing the location of a bonus Battle Star you can use to unlock a section of your XP progression meter.

Really, these extra Battle Stars are an easy way to progress down the long seasonal unlockable timeline faster. They’re totally optional, but who doesn’t want more stuff? Here, I’m going to reveal where to find every weekly Battle Star location. There’s a new one to find after you complete each weekly challenge. Check back later as the week progresses — and don’t worry, you can always got back and complete those weekly challenges at a later date in Season 5. They’re not licked into any single week.

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Road Trip Challenges Guide | Secret Battle Star Locations

[Use this map to easily locate the map square coordinates described in the post below.]

After purchasing the Season 5 Battle Pass, you’ll be able to join weekly challenges. Complete an entire sheet of challenges, and you’ll earn yourself a special postcard / loading screen image — there’s a clue that shows you where to get a free, secret Battle Star on the image.

Here, we’re going to explain where you need to go to find the hidden Battle Star so you don’t have to solve these tricky puzzles alone.

Week 1 – Secret Battle Star Location

  • Star Location: East of Lazy Links. Look for an Umbrella Shaped divot in the grass. Look at the center of the umbrella part of the shape and the star will appear.
    • Map Coordinates: E3 [Top-Left Corner]

Week 2 – Secret Battle Star Location

  • Star Location: Find the clubhouse north of the pool in Lazy Links. The star is at the very tallest rooftop of the clubhouse.
    • Map Coordinates: F2 [On the clubhouse roof.]

Week 3 – Secret Battle Star Location

  • Star Location: Land near the under-construction house by the shore, northeast from the Wailing Woods. It’s in the field to the right of the house.
    • Map Coordinates: J2 [In the field, between the house and the hill.]

Week 4 – Secret Battle Star Location

  • Star Location: Southwest of Paradise Palms, on the edge of the biome and past the small concrete area in the desert before reaching Paradise Palms, there’s a camel on the side of the road sipping a soda drink. The star is on the statue’s hump.
    • Map Coordinates: G9 [Right in the center of the square. Follow the road south from Paradise Palms to find the tourist-trap statue of the camel sipping a soda.]

Week 5 – Secret Battle Star Location

  • Star Location: North of Paradise Palms, found on top of a shed across the street from the race tracks in the desert biome.
    • Map Coordinates: I6 [On top of a metal shed. Find it north of Paradise Palms, and on the hill north of the gas station, and just west of the race track. It’s a solitary shed in the desert, so you can’t miss it.]

Week 6 – Secret Battle Star Location

  • Star Location: Found in Risky Reels. Check the front row of cars to find the secret star in the back of a red truck.
    • Map Coordinates: H2 [Right in the middle of Risky Reels.]

Week 7 – Secret Battle Star Location

  • Star Location: Far northwest of Lazy Links, find the ruined, abandoned motel north of the pickaxe-shaped hole in the map. The start is located on the fence in the motel.
    • Map Coordinates: D2 [On the fence in the motel, between the empty pool and the parking lot.]

Week 8 – Secret Battle Star Location

  • Star Location: Drop down into Tomato Temple and look below the main “tower” at the center. On a long flat wall, there are two burning braziers near doors leading into the temple interior. The banner you need to collect is above the left brazier.
    • Map Coordinates: G4 [Right in the center of Tomato Temple, the new area included in post-Season 5 patch that replaces Tomato Town.]

Week 9 – Secret Battle Star Location

  • Star Location: Go to the bridge southeast from Shifty Shafts and reach the eastern cliff face of the bridge. From the eastern side of the bridge, travel south to find the road trip flag on the cliff. Build a walkway so you can grab it.
    • Map Coordinates: E8 [Find the large bridge between Shifty Shafts and Salty Springs.]

[Work-in-Progress: Check back next week for new Battle Star locations!]