Destiny 2: Forsaken – Watch The Last Boss & Ending Right Here [VIDEO]

Curious to see how the campaign in Destiny 2: Forsaken ends? There are twists, turns, and a giant boss battle to fight when you reach the final mission. Cayde-6 is dead, killed by the crazed brother of the Awoken Queen. He unleashes an ancient threat, the Scorned, and it’s your job to hunt down all eight Barons.

Once you’ve finished off all the Barons in a series of adventures and quests, you’ll go after your primary target — Cayde-6’s killer, and the leader of the Scorned called the Fanatic. The Prince is looking for a way to save his lost sister by unlocking passage to the forbidden Dreaming City. He won’t like what’s waiting for him on the other side.

The final boss is a climactic fight against a being we had no idea existed. It’s an impressive (and impressively ugly) creation, one with immense power and lots of health. You’ll want to go into the fight with a full stock of heavy weapon ammo and 500+ PL or this lengthy battle can be a real challenge. Watch us battle the beast (and check out the ending) with the video guide above.

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