Destiny 2: Forsaken – How To Activate Heroic Wanted Enemy Public Events | Heroic Guide

The new Public Event in The Tangled Shore area is called ‘Secure the Wanted Enemy’ — and just like every other PE in Destiny 2, you can make this Heroic by completing secret objectives. Heroic Public Events are ever-so-slightly harder to complete, but give you much better rewards — including a much higher chance of earning useful loot.

The Tangled Shore is a new large zone available only in the Forsaken expansion for Destiny 2, and it’s the first of two totally new areas you can explore. There’s a new enemy group to fight, a new Bow to equip, and lots of new weapons, gear, and activities to enjoy even while you’re still exploring this first location — a barren set of floating rocks in the reef where dangerous criminals, pirates, and bandits roam free.

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How To Activate Heroic Wanted Enemy Public Events | Heroic Guide


The “Secure the Wanted Enemy” Public Event is found in the Tangled Shore. Just wait for a marker to appear on your map to join in. There are two methods for completing this Public Event — a standard path, and a Heroic path. Let’s cover both quickly.

  • Standard “Secure the Wanted Enemy” Completion Steps:
    • Locate the crashed cell pod and clear out the defenders. (2 Waves)
    • Defeating the enemies will cause the Wanted Enemy to appear when the pod opens.
    • Damage the Wanted Enemy until the pod begins to exhume chilled gas.
    • Kill the Wanted Enemy to end the event.
  • Heroic “Secure the Wanted Enemy” Completion Steps
    • After the Wanted Enemy emerges, you’ll be able to unlock the Heroic version of the event.
    • Shoot the vents on the sides of the pod until cores pop-out. Grab the cores and throw them at the Wanted Enemy until it can be re-refroze.
    • While frozen, stand in the circle and defend against incoming enemy reinforcements. Clear out all waves to complete the Heroic Public Event.

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