Destiny 2: Forsaken – Everything You Need To Know | New Features, Modes, Weapons & More

The Destiny 2: Forsaken expansion is exactly what fans have been asking for — a real jump forward. This is by far the largest expansion to Destiny 2 so far, with new game modes, raid lairs, locations, weapon types, and more. There’s an enhanced faction of Fallen enemies, a longer story, and new supers for every single sub-class. That’s just scratching the surface of all the features included here, so let’s really get into the details.

Here, I’m going to list (and explain) everything new that’s coming with the Destiny 2: Forsaken expansion, starting with the most important stuff. Gambit isn’t a Battle Royale mode, for anyone hoping that hyper-popular mode might get an inclusion in Destiny 2, but it is something really unique. You’ll work together with your team, while competing against an enemy team in a separate arena. There’s a lot to know, so keep scrolling to learn everything you probably need to know.

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Official Release Date

The Forsaken DLC will release on September 4th, 2018. The DLC is a massive overhaul, covering almost every feature in Destiny 2 — it includes a new story campaign, new weapon types, new supers, a new raid lair, and more.


New Features – Weapons, Supers & More

Forsaken adds something new to every aspect of Destiny 2.

  • New Story Campaign
    • Two New Destinations: The Reef, and The Tangled Shore
    • New Enemy Faction: The Skorn, a sub-faction of the Fallen.
  • New Weapon – The Bow
  • New Supers – Nine Supers will be added, one for each subclass.
  • New PVP/PVE Mode – Gambit
  • New Weapon Features
    • You’ll be able to reacquire any weapon you’ve ever found in the Collections menu for a price.
    • The Heavy Weapon Slot will now accept all weapon types — Kinetic, Energy, and Heavy.
    • Weapons will have random rolls again.
  • New Raid – The Dreaming City
  • New Crucible Maps

There’s more you need to know about Gambit Mode, Collections, and the story. Let’s dig in, Guardians.

Gambit Mode – Is It Battle Royale?

Gambit Mode is the new premier PVP / PVE mode included in Destiny 2: Forsaken, and one of its most-hyped features. Gambit is a competitive co-op mode — two teams of four compete to defeat the boss first. You don’t fight each other until the later stages of the mode. This is not a Battle Royale mode, but it is very different from any other mode currently in Destiny 2.

Starting out in two separate arenas, your team must defeat enemies, collect the motes they drop, then bank them to score points — bank enough motes in a single upload to send heavy Blocker enemies to the other team.

After 25 motes, a portal will open, allowing your team to invade the other team’s arena. This is when the PVP begins. You can disrupt the enemy team — defeating Guardians will also destroy any motes they were carrying.

To win, you’ll need to bank 75 motes and destroy the Primeval boss that appears. The first team to destroy the boss wins the mode.

Collections – How Does It Work?

A new feature in Destiny 2 — all of the weapons you’ve acquired since the Destiny 2: Warmind DLC launch are being tracked and added to the Collections feature, set to launch at the same time as Destiny 2: Forsaken. Any weapon in your inventory or bank is added to the Collections — allowing you to reacquire dismantled weapons. The Collections will also help you find any weapons you haven’t yet found.

  • After a weapon is added to the Collections, you can reacquire it. It costs Glimmer or Bright Dust, depending on what you earned after dismantling it.
  • Reacquiring weapons isn’t meant to be a currency sink — it will reportedly won’t be overly expensive, but will still be costly to retain the value of random drops.
  • Reacquiring a weapon will increase its power level to match your current level. The power level will always be lowers than your current PL, however.
  • Shaders can also be reacquired — and glimmer cost on Shader application will be removed.

The Story – New Factions & Locations

The lawless Reef region needs your help — with Cayde-6, your Guardian investigates a prison break at the Prison of Elders. The escapees are the Skorn, an evil, ancient sub-faction of the Fallen. You’ll have to travel deep into the Reef to hunt the 8 Barons of the Skorn, leading to the Awoken Homeworld — a place called The Dreaming City.

The Skorn are strange, ethereal Fallen enemies that glow black. The Awoken are one of the player-species you can select in character creation — they’re the ones with pale blue skin. The Awoken Homeworld, the Dreaming City, is also where you’ll encounter the new Raid Lair — yes, we’re finally getting off the Emperor’s giant spaceship and exploring a new location.

There’s more to this Destiny 2 expansion, we just don’t know it yet! Check back later for new updates as we get closer to the release date, and more info is made available.

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