Destiny 2: Warmind DLC – All Mars Region Chests Locations | Treasure Hunter Guide


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Destiny 2: Warmind, the second expansion for Bungie’s spacefaring shooter has landed, and there are six new region chests for loot-hungry Guardians to unlock. These gold chests provide bonus faction tokens (called Mars Tokens here) and some fresh shaders the first time you unlock them. Get all six and you’ll even finish the Treasure Hunter milestone for a Day One adopter — that will net you two instant legendary items. Not a bad haul.

Region Chests are gold chests that are automatically marked on your map. To access Mars, you’ll need access to the Warmind DLC (duh) and you’ll have to finish the first two campaign missions — those are pretty tough missions for solo players, too. You’ll practically need to hit level 30 before you can even take these quests on. The first quest has a 310 Power Level requirement, and I recommend you aim for that level. You’ll need at least 290 to finish it. But we’re not here to tell you how to play. Here are all six region chest locations.

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All Mars Region Chests Locations | Treasure Hunter Guide

There are six region chests to find on Mars — three are located in the Braytech Futurescape area, and three are located in the Glacial Drift area. All maps will have small icons showing all six locations. You just need to hunt them all down. Gold Chests can be collected multiple times, but you’ll only get bonus tokens / shaders the first time you open them.

Braytech Futurescape:

  • Region Chest #1: West – Enter the Hive lair building that leads to a Lost Sector dungeon door. Find the northern exit passage, and there’s a stairwell. The chest is located under the stairs.
  • Region Chest #2: South – At the southern edge of the long blue-painted building that borders the Cabal Public Event location, there’s a chest in a little alcove next to a blue vat.
  • Region Chest #3: Northeast – Travel to the edge of the catwalks on the far northeast corner. Drop down to the hanging safety nets on the side of the tanks structure near the edge, and use them to check the area underneath the catwalks — there’s a well hidden chest there, near the Cabal Public Event.

Glacial Drift:

  • Region Chest #1: East-Center – Inside the large hangar at the end of the raised bridge, look up at the high catwalks to your left. Jump up from the tallest thing in the hangar interior to reach the high walkway and grab this chest.
  • Region Chest #2: Southeast – Travel to the edge of the cliffs leading to the Lost Sector. Before going too far, look on the right cliffs — from the ramp, there’s a lower ledge with this chest perched down below.
  • Region Chest #3: Southwest – There’s a tall radio tower structure on the southwest corner of the area. Down there, west of the landing zone (and near the Adventure marker), look on the concrete doorway guarded by Hive enemies.

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