Destiny 2: Warmind DLC – Warsat Down Public Event | Heroic Unlock Guide

Mars is a pretty big (and totally new) place in Destiny 2, and if you’ve made enough progress in the Warmind DLC, you’ll be able to start taking on difficult Public Events. You’ll find two old ones in the chilly Mars tundra, and one totally new event to join called ‘Warsat Down’ — and like all public events, there’s a heroic variation that will net you bigger rewards if you manage to complete it.

This event is all about one of those warsat things crashing into the ground, and it’s up to the guardians to defend it. You’ll see these crashed warsats constantly on Mars, and all sorts of evil critters want to get their hands on that warsat technology. You’ll need to defend and transmit data, all while blowing away swarms of ugly Hive enemies. To make this event Heroic, all you have to do is destroy even more stuff — and that comes natural to Guardians.

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Warsat Down Public Event | Heroic Unlock Guide

Warsat Down is a totally new public event — currently, it is only available on Mars, the area included in the Warmind DLC. Like any other Public Event, it begins with a timer you can check on your map. If you arrive when the event activates, objectives will begin to appear on your HUD. You can complete those standard objectives for a reward, or you can complete special hidden objectives instead.

Heroic Public Events are harder than normal events, and sometimes require precise coordination from the team to activate — it is possible to miss Heroic Public Events, but they’re one of the best ways to earn Exotics / Legendary Engrams.


  • Warsat Down Step-by-Step:
    1. Defend The Warsat: The public event always begins with this step. You’ll need to stand near the Warsat for a set amount of time and transmit data.
      • If you’re in a big team, you’ll want to avoid transmitting too fast, or you’ll lose your chance to make this a Heroic event. Just step outside the circle!
    2. Eliminate the Casting Wizards: Kill two Wizards that spawn. No big deal here.
    3. Continue defending the Warsat, defeating pairs of wizards when they spawn until you’ve filled the transmitting data meter to 100% — that’s the standard path.
  • How to Make Warsat Down Heroic:
    1. Every time you kill a pair of wizards, one of the Shriekers outside the Warsat will open up and become vulnerable to attack.
    2. You’ll need to destroy three sets of Wizards and three Shriekers — after each Wizard pair is defeated, another Shrieker will open. Destroy all three before the timer reaches 100%.
  • Heroic Objective: Defeat Golgoth
    • A Hive Ogre will spawn after activating the Heroic Event. This is a yellow tier enemy, and it’s very, very tough. If you’re not at least PL 340, you might have some problems taking this monster down, even with a full team.

And that’s basically it! The event might start spreading into other planets, but for now you’ll only find the Warsat Down Public Event on Mars. Goodluck bringing down the Ogre, and try not to fill that transmission meter too quickly, or you won’t get a chance to destroy all three Shriekers.

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