Destiny 2: Warmind DLC – How To Get Started | Everything New You Need To Know

Warmind is the second (and completely standalone) expansion for Destiny 2 — and the DLC also kicks-off the Season 3 content coming for everyone, whether you own the add-ons or not.

The first thing you’ll want to do when diving into Warmind is experience the new singleplayer campaign. The campaign stars a returning Ana Bray as you delve into the War Minds — all-powerful AI with an important part in the history of Destiny. The AI Rasputin, and the nano-virus SIVA are all involved. You can’t just jump in if you’re totally new to Destiny 2 — there’s a few more steps you’ll have to take.

  • REQUIREMENTS: To start the new Warmind DLC singleplayer story content, you must…
    1. Have completing the main campaign story and unlocked the Tower.
    2. Be Power Level 260 — PL 310 is recommended. PL 260 is the lowest possible Power Level required to damage enemies. (The Warmind DLC is standalone, so it is possible to reach Level 25 through normal gameplay. Warmind increases the Level Cap to 30.)
  • How To Access The New Warmind Zone:
    • From the Director, cursor over the new Warmind icon. Like the Curse of Osiris icon, this will allow you to jump to the new story quests.
    • Before you can begin free roam, you’ll need to complete two story missions — the first is PL 310 recommended, the second is PL 320 recommended.

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Everything That’s New

  • Fan Requested Extended Storage Space is coming to Destiny 2.
    • Vault space will increase from 200 slots to 300 slots.
  • New Game Mode: Escalation Protocol
    • Exclusive new Warmind-themed weapons and armor is acquired by playing Escalation Protocol.
    • Large scale wave-based mode — fight the Hive as a team. Includes new Hive bosses.
  • New PVP Maps: Adds two Mars-themed maps for the Crucible — Solitude and Meltdown.
    • These PVP maps are free for all Destiny 2 players.
  • New Zone & Campaign: A new zone, based on Mars, is included with a campaign. You’ll go up against SIVA and learn more about the Warminds in the frozen tundra of Mars.
    • New guaranteed Exotic rewards you’ll earn for completing the singleplayer missions.
    • The new zone and campaign will include 45 data collectibles. These can be found in the Mars zone, or in mission maps.
  • New Exotic Weapons & Armor: New Exotic Weapons and Armor are coming to the Season 3 roster, and you can upgrade all exotics, including old ones, to make them even better.
    • Along with upgradable exotics, you’ll also see the return of exotic quests. These puzzle-quests are especially secretive and difficult to complete, but finishing them will always unlock a particular exotic weapon.
  • New RAID Lair: A continuation of the Leviathan raid, this smaller version called “Spire of Stars” sends you into a smaller area.
    • Like previous raids, you’ll need to complete smaller steps and encounters before facing a big final boss battle.
  • New Strikes: There are two completely new strikes being added with the Warmind DLC — Will of Thousands, and Strange Terrain.
    • Strange Terrain is a sequel to the previous Oryx strikes. You’ll do battle with the son of Oryx, Prince Nokris.

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