Destiny 2: Warmind DLC – How To Get To Power Level 385 | Fastest PL Guide

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The grind has significantly slowed in Destiny 2 — that means you’ll have to play the game even longer to reach the hard cap and make completing the insane Heroic / Spire of Stars Raid Lair with slightly more power in your arsenal. Actually reaching the coveted 385 is hard work, and if you want to do it fast, you’ll need to run with three characters at the same time.

These methods are also important if you want to hit PL 370 (the Raid Lair requirement) — or if you just want to use one character, you can still use these tips, it’ll just take you a few extra weeks to get everything you need. It’s important to know that armor is the best way to increase your Power Level. Weapons just won’t increase it at a certain point in the game, and you can only equip one Exotic armor / weapon — what you’ll need to do is equip Masterworks, get mods, and cycle through milestones for powerful engrams.

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How To Get To Power Level 385 | Fast PL Guide

Most of the basic methods are the same, but I’m going to go over the best possible way to farm for high Power Level gear. It’s all very specific, and only certain methods will work when it comes to farming higher and higher Power Level gear. Let’s break it down.

#1: Level Three Characters To 30, Get To PL 340

Basic. If you’re a hardcore Destiny 2 player, you’ve probably already got three characters. You’ll want to hit Level 30 and reach the PL 340 Soft Cap with all three. At Level 30, when you complete the story, you’ll always find legendary items at PL 340.

You can add mods or upgrade Masterworks to get up to PL 345 — but that’s as high as you’ll go for completing standard strikes and missions. To get higher than PL 345, you’ll need to take on tougher tasks.

#2: Do Milestones for “Powerful Engrams”

On your milestone list, you’ll see options to get “Powerful Engrams” for completing tasks. These are the only Engrams you’ll want to aim for — regular “Legendary Engrams” will not increase your PL. Powerful Engrams will ALWAYS give you gear that is slightly above your current Power Level.

Complete “Powerful Engram” Milestones with all three characters, then stash your rewards in a vault to share. Then your main character can equip all the loot from your trash / grinding characters.


#3: Transfer Powerful Gear & Grind Prestige

If you don’t want to waste your time, you’ll need to transfer all the powerful gear to your next character when they begin grinding. The higher the Power Level of the Guardian, the higher the “Powerful Engram” gear you get. You’ll ALWAYS get an item slightly higher than your current Power Level, so make sure your grinding character is as high as they can get before completing the milestone.

When you’re out of milestones, you’ll want to take this same transfer technique and begin playing through Prestige Leviathan Raids. Start with standard Leviathan, then the Raid Lair, then focus on Prestige Leviathan. The Prestige Raid will ONLY drop armor, which is the best way to increase your Power Level — weapons rarely will increase your Power Level at this point.

After finishing the Prestige Leviathan raid, it’s just about repeating the process. Swap to a different character, transfer all powerful gear, complete milestones, beat Raids (and Raid Lairs), go for more milestones, then finish the Prestige Leviathan raid.

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