Destiny 2: Warmind DLC – Rasputin Mystery Leads To Real Valkyrie Spear

After hours of deciphering, the hardcore puzzler-solvers over on the Destiny Raid Secrets reddit discovered the solution to the Warmind DLC’s most baffling puzzle.

It took the combined brain power of the internet to come up with a solution to the mystery — and it all lead to an awesome secret stash — a real world Valkyrie Spear tucked away in a park, discovered by following the coordinates received at the end of the ARG puzzle.

There’s also a fancy note, and a bunch of commemorative coins for those willing to make the trip. The note inside asks visitors to leave a note, and to take only one coins per person.

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Rasputin Mystery SOLVED — And Here’s What Players Found


[Image Source: Luxomnis]

Let’s go back and explain what this is all about. Previously, I detailed the “Rasputin Mystery” in this post, covering the progress that had been made before the weekend deluge of information. Basically, it boils down to a strange symbol located in Warmind Rasputin’s lair, a location you can revisit after completing the DLC story campaign. When you’re back at the lair, it’s possible to locate a very strange symbol that points to hidden clues throughout Mars. It’s a truly awesome, complicated puzzle, and it’s amazing that the community managed to solveĀ  it so quickly.

Even if everything gets grabbed up by swag-thirsty Destiny fans, we still have photographic evidence of the spear (shown in the header image above) — and that’s worth something. Some players are already saying that the cache has been forcibly removed — though I couldn’t find any concrete evidence of that. For all the future generations of Destiny 2 players, if you find that weird image in Rasputin’s lair, I recommend giving up now and just checking out this thread for all the details.

The spear itself was found at the coordinates [43.549573, -73.544868] — found at Sleeping Beauty Mountain Park. That’s a long way to go just to check out a spear and grab a fancy coin, but this was an awesome little attempt at doing something cool on Bungie’s part.


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