Destiny 2: Warmind DLC – There’s A Bizarre Puzzle In Rasputin & Fans Are Trying To Solve It

This is the image that’s driving the Destiny 2 community crazy with speculation. What does it mean?

[UPDATE: The puzzle has been solved! Learn all about the complete solution right here.]

Mystery has returned to Destiny 2. Deep in the heart of the Warmind DLC, it’s possible to find a very strange symbol — one with a huge lock, and various other key icons, linked to the center — as if each image, when solved, might unlock the vault. It didn’t take long for hardcore fans to discover even more strange mysteries spread around the new Mars location, exclusive to the second expansion pack.

And these mysteries aren’t just typical fan hysteria. These are 100% real secrets, purposefully hidden by Bungie. Just take a look around and you’ll start to notice some strange things too — while exploring one of the final locations, I was able to find an odd, unique screen on one of the computer terminals that are all over Mars. This one was different — it had a strange symbol in the corner, and a mixed-up cypher message in the text. Fans have already deciphered that one, but the true secret behind this puzzle still hasn’t been figured out.

Here, we’re going to explain everything we know so far about the Warmind Rasputin puzzle. It’s really complicated, so I’m going to try and simplify — and provide some pictures to prove this is totally for real, and not just crazy people looking for excuses to get hyped.

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The Rasputin Mystery Puzzle | What We Know So Far

The Rasputin Puzzle is located — where else — in Rasputin’s inner lair. From the Braytech Futurescape, enter the center core of Rasputin’s giant chamber — you’ll need to kill all the enemies in the area for the normally locked door to open. When it does, you’ll be able to enter the center chamber.

Just as you enter, look to the left — that’s where you’ll find this extremely odd puzzle. The image is embossed into the wall, making it pretty hard to see unless you’re looking for it. The image shoes a diamond in the center — maybe Rasputin itself? — and three ‘keys’ with icons.

The center of all this theorizing and discovery is found here, on this megathread on the Destiny Raid Secrets Reddit.

What does it all mean? If you look carefully in the environment, you’ll find more strange symbols. Here’s one I was able to find with a little bit of searching.

On computer monitors, on random crates, and on displays of any kind (including maps) — fans are searching for clues to this mystery. So far, they haven’t made much progress. Cyphers have been discovered and decrypted, braille letters have been found, and we’re still no closer to the true mystery at the center of all this.

Let’s break it down. There are six symbols in sequence. Each symbol is related to a puzzle of some kind.

  • Symbol #1: Ghost
  • Symbol #2: Rectangle With Three Lines
    • This is the symbol I found earlier. The screen where it appears includes a braille guide, and many crates in the world contain unique strings of braille letters. After much translating (and later decoded), the current theory states that this spells out a set of instructions.
      • “Destroy all second A and B. Then destroy all third C and R”.
    • It sounds like a guide to help decode a message. Essentially, it’s telling us to remove these letters from a string of text.
  • Symbol #3: Sleeper Nodes?
    • No one knows what this represents yet. It might be the Sleeper Nodes, but no progress has been made here so far. Sleeper Nodes are the strange locked devices that required Frequency Override keys to unlock.
  • Symbol #4: Speaker
    • This symbol appears on the terminal near Ana Bray’s location in Braytech Futurescape. To the left, you’ll find five server racks that you can input her five diaries into — the tablet shown when reading the files shows a morse code message.
      • The morse code message translates to:¬†NTEHNMLNEEGIT
      • It’s an anagram for “Englightenment”.
  • Symbol #5: Five Bars
  • Symbol #6: Rasputin With A Keyhole
    • The last symbol is a large Rasputin symbol with a keyhole in the center. The actual symbol can be found on a monitor covered with a paragraph of random letters.

So, what does it all mean? All the steps previous to the last are probably steps to help decode the letter jumble at the end of the path. The giant paragraph may have information leading to lore, treasure, exotics — or a tease to the future. Whatever the case, we’ll keep you updated when (and if) this massive puzzle gets solved.

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