Dig the hardcore RPG genre? Then give Deck13’s The Surge a try, running at a discounted price on Amazon.

The Surge is set in a dystopian future, whereby AI has become progressively intelligent, forcing workers in overpopulated cities to find blue-collar work in the suburbs. You awake in an exosuit as a robot tries to pry your body from the mechanical framework. Critic scores have mostly been above average, praising the game for its innovative take on the Souls-esque genre while the negative reviews mostly criticize the fluctuations in difficulty and occasionally repetitive gameplay.

‘Welcome to CREO, a futuristic corporate complex dedicated to the development of tomorrow’s most cutting-edge technology. After a catastrophic accident knocks you unconscious during your first day on the job, you awake in a destroyed section of the facility surrounded by malfunctioning machines and robots gone haywire.

Fitted with a heavy-grade exoskeleton and foraging whatever weapons you can find, you’ll need to find your way out of the industrial mega-complex, tackling vicious enemies, hazardous environments and colossal bosses.

A fresh approach to looting and levelling invites you to expand your weaponary and gear by targetting and ripping specific parts from your foes that can then be equipped directly or used as crafting parts for armour and weapon upgrades.  ‘

Sounds like something you may be interested in? Grab The Surge for only $16.98, here.